Sunday, December 1, 2013

Inspired Balenciaga Black City from Whosebag

Whosebag is becoming well known for having AMAZING leather! Their bags are beautiful but pricey. And keep in mind they are considered Inspired not Replicas because they do not have names.

And for their Balenciaga, the bales are not dipped and there are no name tags. If you can overlook those details and don't mind spending a bit more for quality you will not be disappointed.


Jan's Review:

This is my first bag from WHO and my 3rd REPLICA BAL. I purchased from WHOShandbag on EBAY.

This bag is premium sheepskin with Lampo zippers, dipped bales, and leather inside the front pocket, with an unmarked tag on the inside pocket.

-All the stitching looks good

-Zippers are smooth

-Hardware and studs are good quality

-Handles are soft, (feel like they have cord inside, not hard plastic)

-Leather was a little dry, but is softer since I applied the CAROT conditioner

Overall, I feel I got a quality bag and I'm pleased.

I think she's just about ready to make her debut.

Here are a FEW PICS...Let me know what you think










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