Thursday, December 12, 2013

How I got a FREE Bag on eBay

This actually happened back August. I meant to post about it but I keep forgetting.

I found a brand new Coach bag that was marked down from $1,200 to only $789. Now I'm not a big Coach fan but this is a great deal and the bag still had tags attached. But the seller used stock pictures from the Coach site instead of her own pictures. Usually I will ask for more pictures because as we all know stock images are sometimes inaccurate. Professional lighting can make a huge difference in colors.

However I read her return policy and it says she accepts returns within 14 days so long as the item is returned with all tags still attached and is in the same condition as when it was shipped.

I don't know about you but to me this means she is willing to accept returns for ANY reason so long as I meet her terms. 

So thinking I was fully protected if my purchase wasn't what I expected I went ahead and purchased it without asking for real picstures.

When I received the bag the color was like 5 shades darker than the pictures. The pictures shown were of a light gold or Champagne color. Keep in mind she used the exact description from the Coach website so she didn't say it was gold or champagne but that's what the pictures looks like.

The color I received was a very dark taupe color. For this particular style I thought it was really ugly. So I immediately contact the seller and very politely asked her for a return address so I can ship it back.

8 days later she hasn't responded so I email her twice more because I was afraid she'd refuse to refund if I go past the 2 week period even though I contacted her the same day I received it. Well on the 10th day I finally called eBay customer service cause I didn't know what to do.

The rep told me to file a claim to get her attention. He stayed on the phone with me to show me how to do it. I've done it before but I didn't know what "Reason" to select for the claim because none of them fit my situation. He told me to choose "Item not as described".

I told him that really wasn't the case but he said go with it anyway because it's the closest to my case. Within a few hours after I opened the claim the seller posted a response. She basically said she was sick and apologized for her lack of response. Then she went on to say that she respectfully declines my request for a return because she only accepts returns if there are damages or if the item is not as described and it was my fault that I assumed the bag is Champagne or Gold.

Then she went on to say that I probably had buyers remorse or perhaps couldn't really afford to spend that kind of money and now trying to make up an excuse to return. What?!

First of all if her return policy had conditions such as returns only if there are damages that should have been clearly stated. Even eBay's return policy clearly states this. It says that if the seller accepts returns then the buyer can return for ANY reason even if they simply changed their mind so long as they meet the conditions stated in the seller's return policy.

I told her this but she refused to budge. So I posted a negative review on her account. This is my review: Seller refuses refund but policy says 14 dys accepted.

This crazy woman sent me this email. And I apologize in advance. I'm not going to bleep out the tone because I want you to see what a nutcase she is.

YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT ASS BITCH!!!! Do you know how hard I work for 100% seller rating and you left a negative just because I won't take a return when it was your own stupid mistake? YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD!!!!!!! And I see you are from the redneck state. You poor white trailer trash fat ass ugly bitch can't get laid! Your mom and dad are brother and sister and the only way you get action is to spread your legs for some starved stray dog with peanut butter on your stank ass pussy!!!!! Your so ugly you probably scare yourself in the mirror!!!!! STUPID SKANK ASS HOE!!!! WHY DON'T YOU GO FUCK YOURSELF ALREADY!!!! Or here's an idea GO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD, JUMP OFF A BRIDGE, GET RUN OVER BY A BUS!!! You are a PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT making everyone around you miserable so do yourself a favor and just KILL YOURSELF ALREADY!!!!

This email was sent to me from outside of eBay. I sent it to eBay but of course they couldn't do anything about it because there's no proof it came from her.

So then I escalated the claim and eBay asked me to send pictures which I did the same day. I also sent them the link to their own policy just in case the representative wasn't aware I can return for any reason.

5 days later a decision came back and eBay decided in favor of the seller. Not only that but they also removed my negative feedback.

I was PISSED! I called eBay again and talked to 3 different people and was on hold for nearly 2 hours before I got the supervisor. Apparently they decided in favor of the seller because they never received my pictures. I told him I didn't understand why pictures were required in the first place because according to their policy I could return for any reason. 

He was able to pull up my email with the pictures. It was there but they somehow missed it and after looking thru the pictures he says he agreed the bag looks a lot different than the stock images. He also said that I should never have had to file the claim because I am exactly right. The seller didn't state conditions for accepting returns which means under her own policy I can return it for any reason.

Unfortunately because they have already decided in favor of the seller they cannot go back on their decision. I was about to go off on him right then but he was like now hold on a minute, I didn't say I can't help you. I'll go ahead and revers the payment and you don't have to return the bag.

I said well what about the negative review? It was removed and I want it back. This seller is crazy and other buyers need to be warned. But because the decision has already been made they wouldn't allow me to leave another review.

Then he says, most people would be so happy about getting an $800 bag for free they wouldn't worry about the review. I told him he can keep the bag I don't want it anyways, I'd rather he put the review back up and I absolutely meant it! Well they wouldn't do it so I ended up with a free bag I didn't like....yeah I know...poor me lol

BTW eBay refunded me out of their pocket so the seller didn't lose the sale. Really sucks cause she probably thought she was in the right. I hope eBay at least told her she has to change her return policy.


  1. Only one time did I lay out nearly $1,000 for a bag on ebay. The seller sent me photos of the receipt to prove its authenticity, but I was still wary because the receipt was not in her name but from someone else, the person from whom she had purchased the bag. When I got the bag, I was relieved, but the stomach-churning, sleepless nights worrying, buyer's remorse, incredible regret was not worth it. I'd rather stick to replicas--even used replica--than make myself sick

  2. Wow! I want to know now about that stupid woman! Can not believe the way she answer you and Ebay not doing anything against her! Wow and more wow!