Saturday, December 21, 2013

Authentic Coach Madison Snake Embossed Leather

These are pictures of the Coach Madison I won on eBay and ended up getting it for free due to a problem with the seller. Click Here to read the original post.

I still think it is a beautiful bag if not for the color. I don't like the gold either. It's more yellow than gold and this dark taupe color is so drab for this style otherwise I'd have been happy to keep it in my collection. The stock pictures on Coach looks so much better.

So I've decided to gift this bag to my sister for Christmas rather than sell it. I know it's a long ways off but I like to be prepared and plus I have a feeling I'm going to be short on funds this year due to all the legal fees I'm paying :(.


Most of you probably already know this but Coach bags are made in China. I am not a fan of Coach but I do love their leather bags. IMO it is their monogram and sequin lines that cheapens the brand.

If you pay attention to details like stitching, resin and engravings you'll notice that it's not much different from replicas in that they aren't perfect. Take for example the stitching below which are inconsistent in size. Some are twice as long as others and the resin or glue on the edges are not even. Most people who buy authentic don't really pay attention to these details but those of us who buy replicas are always criticizing every small imperfection, myself included until recently :).

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