Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About a GM & MM LV as a Christmas gift for my mother

Hi 5hong,

I was just wondering if you could help me with an issue I have with Fang. I ordered the wrong size by mistake due to the fact that I was going based off of LV's sku number M40249, and both the GM & MM have the same number. I was wondering if you'd be interested in taking this bag off of my hands? If not, will you be on my side if the worst happens? I've read horror stories about sellers claiming not to receive the bag back and I'm nervous. I really just don't wanna pay to ship it all the way back to China. Let me know :-) Thank you :-) Also please don't use my real name if you plan on putting this on the blog, please refer to me as Marco if you don't mind.

Review + Pics:
I ordered this bag as a Christmas gift for my mother. The shipping took a little longer than what I'm used too. Overall I'd give this bag an 8/10. The engravings are spot on, the interior lining is as soft as that of the authentic and as far as symmetry its SPOT ON. Not even a flaw. The quality of the stitching is amazing as well. The monogram is as buttery soft as that of the authentic bag. Now in terms of the flaws, the major flaw is the red painting of the trim. Its really bad. Its not thick at all, and its more of a light red, and it should be ALOT thicker, and I shouldn't be able to see the leather behind the trim, and based on what the pictures I saw on the website, this is the only inaccuracy, and its a big one in my opinion. If the red trim paint was as spot on as the pictures, this bag could easily pass as an authentic. This bag will be getting returned though because I ordered the wrong size by mistake, I wanted the MM.


  1. I am interested if still available? My email is sbare98@yahoo.com