Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About a GM & MM LV as a Christmas gift for my mother

Hi 5hong,

I was just wondering if you could help me with an issue I have with Fang. I ordered the wrong size by mistake due to the fact that I was going based off of LV's sku number M40249, and both the GM & MM have the same number. I was wondering if you'd be interested in taking this bag off of my hands? If not, will you be on my side if the worst happens? I've read horror stories about sellers claiming not to receive the bag back and I'm nervous. I really just don't wanna pay to ship it all the way back to China. Let me know :-) Thank you :-) Also please don't use my real name if you plan on putting this on the blog, please refer to me as Marco if you don't mind.

Review + Pics:
I ordered this bag as a Christmas gift for my mother. The shipping took a little longer than what I'm used too. Overall I'd give this bag an 8/10. The engravings are spot on, the interior lining is as soft as that of the authentic and as far as symmetry its SPOT ON. Not even a flaw. The quality of the stitching is amazing as well. The monogram is as buttery soft as that of the authentic bag. Now in terms of the flaws, the major flaw is the red painting of the trim. Its really bad. Its not thick at all, and its more of a light red, and it should be ALOT thicker, and I shouldn't be able to see the leather behind the trim, and based on what the pictures I saw on the website, this is the only inaccuracy, and its a big one in my opinion. If the red trim paint was as spot on as the pictures, this bag could easily pass as an authentic. This bag will be getting returned though because I ordered the wrong size by mistake, I wanted the MM.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Kelly Double-Tour bracelet from H2000H

Hey - just received my bracelet from H2000H and it's really pretty nice. The leather is orange chèvre but it is on both sides - the reverse isn't beige like the originals, but it does smell authentic! The engraving is nice and light, just like the original and the hardware is spot on. There also is no date stamp on the reverse but the Hermes Paris logo is. Oh, and the resin is orange, not brown, but when wearing it you can't even tell. I would rate this as an 8 out of 10 and just love it - will be buying another in black when their shipment of leather comes in. For $65 including shipping i'm more than satisfied!

Celine Luggage Shopper Totes Dimension

Introducing the Celine Luggage bag, designed by Phoebe Philo when she first took the reigns at the brand it’s been coveted by numerous fashionistas since it was first created . The “Luggage” bag itself comes in various sizes; however, the Mini size is the standard size that most people recognize.

Since it was first designed, the brand has made some changes to the design of the tote to make it more functional such as improving the sturdiness of the leather and other changes.

Here are the dimension of each size:

Nano Shopper with strap: 20x20x10cm

Micro Shopper: 26x26x14cm

Mini Shopper : 30x30x17cm

Small Shopper: 34x34x 17cm

Medium Shopper: 38x40x18cm

Shoulder Shopper: 37x30x17cm

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Louis Vuitton Tivolli GM from Jocelyn


I came across your website purse princess and I love it! I wish I had seen your website before I purchased my replica Louis. I purchased it from a site called Louis Vuitton Wonder and they claim to be authentic... which I knew they were not. But I took a chance and now I am disappointed :-( 

I purchased a Tivolli GM and the front crease is way too long. I have enclosed a picture for you. 

The stitching is OK.The bag feels sturdy... but I think that the front crease will be a sign that it is not a close replica,

I wanted to email you and introduce myself. And perhaps I can share more pictures of the purse with you?



Saturday, December 21, 2013

Authentic Coach Madison Snake Embossed Leather

These are pictures of the Coach Madison I won on eBay and ended up getting it for free due to a problem with the seller. Click Here to read the original post.

I still think it is a beautiful bag if not for the color. I don't like the gold either. It's more yellow than gold and this dark taupe color is so drab for this style otherwise I'd have been happy to keep it in my collection. The stock pictures on Coach looks so much better.

So I've decided to gift this bag to my sister for Christmas rather than sell it. I know it's a long ways off but I like to be prepared and plus I have a feeling I'm going to be short on funds this year due to all the legal fees I'm paying :(.


Most of you probably already know this but Coach bags are made in China. I am not a fan of Coach but I do love their leather bags. IMO it is their monogram and sequin lines that cheapens the brand.

If you pay attention to details like stitching, resin and engravings you'll notice that it's not much different from replicas in that they aren't perfect. Take for example the stitching below which are inconsistent in size. Some are twice as long as others and the resin or glue on the edges are not even. Most people who buy authentic don't really pay attention to these details but those of us who buy replicas are always criticizing every small imperfection, myself included until recently :).