Thursday, November 7, 2013

Replica Prada Pink Saffiano Luxe Tote from Joy

This replica Prada Saffiano in Light Pink is from Joy of FabAAA. I purchased it to replace the Cameo because I needed a larger size. Unfortunately I picked the wrong pink. Joy has the Cameo listed as Pink as well so I should have confirmed which one this was.

I'm not really into Pink but I would have been ok with it but there are other quality issues with this bag. I think a pickier buyer would probably consider this a dud - for me it's not so bad that I'd be afraid to use it. It's just not up to par with what I've gotten previously. Well as I've said many times, buying reps is always a risk. You win some and lose some. Most of my purchases from Joy has been great so I can forgive her a few issues now and then :).


Came with the standard white cotton dust bag. It's decent quality but not the same fabric as authentic.

The ink is too blue and the print is not as clean around the edges. It should be a smaller navy print.

The structure is good but it's very stiff especially the clothette which is also too wide. This might relax over time and with regular use. Shape and size looks good.

The slit is too wide. It should accommodate the fob with only a little extra space.

The Prada plate is centered and even. The gold rims around the edges look even and stitching is good. It is well secured. I'm not sure about the logo itself though. They come in at least 2 versions. I think there may even be a 3rd.

This resin around the edges of the slot is not very clean and the slit is too long.

There is too much space around the fob. There should only be a small amount of room when the fob is inserted. Just enough to slide in and out easily. Also shown here are some tiny pulls but this isn't really visible and even some of the auth Prada's I've owned have minor pulls too so not an issue.

Tone on tone stitching is good for the most part but there are a few minor issues that aren't really obvious.

Some more minor pulls on the Left corner as well.

This bag was shipped with 5 others so it got smooshed a little. Not bad but you can still see a subtle slope in the leather.

There were no chemical odor however it does not smell of leather either.

Piping on both sides looks good.

Snaps on both sides are strong and stays put.

Both buttons are engraved with Prada top and bottom.

All 4 rings are engraved. Hardware is substantial and the gold tone is consistent throughout.

I'm not sure if there are scratches in the ring below or if this is a reflection. I didn't see any while I was taking the pictures but I didn't really look for it either. It's not a big deal to me though as I've had plenty of bags with hairline scratches on the hardware upon arrival and this includes auth bags.

The resin on the backs of the handle tabs are not smooth. There are bumps and lumps as shown here.

The tabs look crooked here but that's only the angle. It's even but there is a minor overflow resin. Fortunately it is not obvious due to the color being a nearly perfect match to the leather.

All 4 bottom corners look good.

This one has tiny pulls and looks like a minor chip in the leather?? I would never be able to see this in person though.

Some parts of the hardware, like the rings, are not very smooth. It looks slightly rough as if the gold plating is not applied smoothly.

The resin on the underside of all 4 tabs and the handles are not smooth. There are overflow and lumps and bumps.

A little wrinkling on both handles but not bad. I've seen a lot worse.

This is the back side.

The bottom looks a little wider on the Left. This is only obvious if you look underneath. Also the 4 studs are not symmetrical in placement but it's not obvious.

All 4 studs are engraved nicely.

All zippers run smoothly both inside and out.

Zipper pulls are nice and solid and engraved.

The top corners of the opening is messy.

The interior is lined in a matching pink signature Prada fabric. It's not as thick as the auth but not bad. 

Stitching on the inside looks decent.

The 2 open pockets in the center compartment.

The Prada plate on the other side above the zipper pocket. The logo looks ok but the "N" and the "O" in Milano are stuck together.

Removable long strap. Can be used for shoulder or cross body.

The clips a little stronger than some of my other reps but still not as strong as the auth but not an issue for me since I never use the long strap.

Both clips are engraved. The screws are loose here. I'd be afraid of it coming apart if the bag is weighed down. It seems the middle bar is a little too long so this can't be fixed without the correct size screws. But I didn't pay attention to this part on the auth so I don't know if it's supposed to be loose like this.

The buckle is only engraved on one side.

Stitching on the straps are good on the exterior but a little sloppy on the back side.

Overall this bag is ok but I'm a little disappointed since my other 2 Prada's from Joy were better. I will probably use this once or twice and end up rehoming it.


  1. Hi,

    I love this color! So feminine! Do you by chance have a black saffiano you would be willing to rehome?

  2. Hiya, is the bag still available? Very interested.

  3. Hiya, is the bag still available? I'm really interested. Emily