Monday, November 11, 2013

Replica Mulberry Oversized Alexa from Joy

I am really beginning to love the Mulberry satchels but I know that if I were to ever buy one I'd never use it. It's the kind of bag that I would have loved when I was in school. Perfect for books and a laptop so it would be good for both school and work.


Minkey's Comments:
I have a replica Mulberry Oversized Alexa I purchased from Joy.
I have had this for less than a month and it is just as new.
I carried it every day since I got this, except for on weekends so I assume I took this out about 20 times.
It was $149 and I paid extra $39 for shipping.
I think the shape, color, stitching of this bag is near perfection but there is a tiny circular spot on the front and a pen stain on the inside. I circled them for you to see.
A girl in my college art class came up to me and told me that I am crazy to put heavy books in a 2000 dollar bag. She said it as a joke and we became friends quickly after that so no offense taken! lol!
It's a really well made bag and I love it!

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