Thursday, November 14, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Trevi PM

This review is for a replica Louis Vuitton Trevi PM purchased by one of my readers. 

She's already done a great job pointing out discrepancies but I do want to add a few things.

The removable strap is too long. It should be about half that length. Even the strap for the GM is not this long but that's easy to fix. You can get it shortened or just not use it at all if it bothers you.

The handles also look too long in relation to the bag.

The interior lining should be a velvety soft alacantra fabric. I may be wrong but from the pictures it looks like a stiff textile fabric instead but the color is good.

SA2100:  Rated 100pts.


Tess's Review:

Hi 5hong!

I bought this replica Trevi in Seoul, Korea from one of the street vendors for 200k Won (USD 188). It wasn't my initial purchase, more like a 2nd choice since they did not have a Portobello. So my knowledge on points to look out for a Trevi wasn't as good as a Portobello.

So I got the Special S bag, and I have checked for major points such as: stitchings, heatstamp, color, touch, feel, glue, overall size, internal pockets and lining, hardware quality and weight --- which all leads to BIG TICKS! i can't believe my luck after hunting for replica bags for so long in Seoul and I've finally come across a good deal which can pass an authentic bag (at first sight)!

But once I got back to my hotel and start flipping your reviews on Trevi, I've started to sink in and was disappointed with the things I have missed. :(

1. The 'Louis Vuitton' box missing on both sides of the bag.
2. The 'Louis Vuitton' stamp missing on straps of the bag.
3. The inconsistency of the 4 gold hardware which should be placed in between 2 diagonal dark squares at the bottom of the bag.
4. Wrinkles on the bag. :(((
5. Missing serial codes inside the bag.
6. Crappy dustbag.
7. Missing inner D ring

I would love to find a new home for this bag if anyone is interested in it, and not too bothered with the flaws which I have mentioned. Overall the bag is gorgeous but I'm just picky. I'm thinking of getting a Portobello initially which but ended up with this since they do not sell it.




  1. Are you still selling this? How much are you asking with shipping? Thanks