Sunday, November 17, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Trevi PM from Sandy

Sandy has become a favorite for LV on the forum and I've been fortunate enough to own a couple from him myself that I can attest to the good quality.  But I purchased mine thru readers/forum members so have yet to make a purchase directly from him. I much prefer recycling through you guys than to buy direct from the sellers whenever possible. The benefits there are obvious :).

Anyways, here's another wonderfully detailed review from Mandy of her newest purchase, a Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Trevi PM (still one of my favorite bags).


Mandy's Review:

Hi 5hong! I recieved my Trevi PM from Sandy & I was so looking forward to this bag, like many of you, the Trevi PM has been on my wishlist forever! I recieved it & had a chance to thoroughly inspect it. My camera sucks ppl so let me just say that now & my money is likely to go for bags or shoes before it is on another camera so please bare with me. I have put a red circle on some of the flaws to help you see them better because they do stand out more in real life than in photos. This replica was $135 plus $40 shipping for a grand total of $175.
1. My camera does not allow me to control when the flash goes off, I had to darken the room in order to get it to go off so I apologize for the lighting but here she is! I think the shape is perfect! The center pleat may be too narrow compared to the real one, but I'm not certain of this. The dustbag (for those that care which, I do not) is the correct size for this bag & made of the same material & the letters are the correct size & font, but the ink bleeds through to the other side (real one does not) & the letters are too reddish when the real is more brown. Still, I have seen much worse dustbags than this & like I said I don't really care about that.  
2. Here is the side of the bag. My biggest issue with the bag is that the light colored stitching that goes around the bag is crooked in several spots. This is my biggest dissapointment with it overall because I had requested that mine be inspected for straight stitching specifically. The stitches on the leather parts of the bag look good to me though.
3. The interior of the bag looks like the real one with red micro suede material (maybe it's not as thick, I have never seen the real one), the correct pockets, accurate datecode stamp in the larger pocket, & d-ring inside.
4. The heatstamp tag inside the bag was also very important to me as I will see it every time I look inside & I had requested inspection to ensure the stamp was not faded. I am pretty happy with the stamping but, slightly dissapointed that the bag came with a scuff & a scratch on the leather tag.
5. I could not get a clear pic of the stamp on the handle but it is there & looks good to me. I am very happy with the stitching on the leather & the strap & hardware seem sturdy & usable to me. I do plan on using it as a shoulder bag more than handheld.
6. The hardware on this bag is a beautiful gold-tone that matches my authentic bags, feels substantial & the LV stamp looks good to me.
7.  The logo squares on the bag appear to be in the correct locations all over but the dark squares underneath the handle tabs are supposed to be more centered where the tabs come to a point. There is double stitching across the top of all the handle tabs & that is not true to the authentic but, it's done in a way that is not really noticeable. Again, I noticed the light colored stitching was off & that is more noticable in real life than in pics.
8. My things inside! I love the organization this bag gives you plus it is roomier than I thought it would be! Inside my bag: my authentic Chanel cosmetics bag, replica Chanel sunglasses from Ioffer, a perfect replica Gucci wallet from Ioffer, Authentic Chanel blotting paper with mirror & velvet case, & an old sunglass case that I use to store pens, a pack of gum, a comb, some coupons & slips of paper that have important contact info on them.
9. Here is a pic of the Trevi with my authentic speedy (pictured with my authentic Gucci heart charm from my Tattoo Boston) & the replica Speedy also from Sandy (which has the plastic on it still because it's Christmas gift for my mom). The Canvas on the replica Speedy feels more true to the authentic than the Trevi but the Trevi is beautiful & holds it's shape well. The handles are 2 different shapes with one being rounded & one being U-shaped but hopefully they will even out with use. I have seen much worse replicas of the Trevi & I am going to keep this to use for a while before I re-home her. I only wish it came to me without scuffs on the leather & crooked stitching. I do believe that the Speedy was easier to make than the Trevi but I'm not really willing to part with nearly $2500 (including tax) for the real bag just to get perfect stitching. On second thought, I might save for the real one because I love the Trevi so much! 
All in all, it's still a good rep!


  1. Hi, how do I gain access to the forum? Interested to get some from Sandy.

  2. I was trying to get in the forum also & can't :( So sad!