Friday, November 8, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Ursula

I received this lovely LV bag in a trade off for my black Balenciaga. The previous owner purchased it from Poshmark so she doesn't know where it originally came from but it's in like new condition and looks to be very well made.

The red glue is too pale, it should be a dark red almost maroon but this doesn't bother me. At least it's not the bright red which is worse. Also there are some fold lines in the canvas from being folded over. Hopefully I can get rid of it by stuffing it full for a few weeks.

I'm not a fan of the multicolor line but I love the Ursula style. To date I only have a white multicolor Annie MM from Joy that I still have not used and now this one which I took to work yesterday.

Below are some mod shots. It's a pretty big bag but not so much that I feel dwarfed by it :D.
And these pictures were taken by the previous owner.

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  1. How is the bag now ? Does it look like the authentic ? I have been wanting to get one from Joy since I really like the Ursula but I am just hesitant because of a review that says the purple should have been blue. Does the Ursula really have specific colours or it varies from one Ursula to another ?