Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Replica Hermes Blue Jean SO Kelly 26cm

Here is another lovely bag from Jimita. I bought a bag from Joy that I have seen on many rep sites described as the SO Kelly and turned out to be one that was never made by Hermes. So I got me a Kelly Frankenbag lol. Here is what the SO Kelly looks like. I'll try to post my version soon :).

Jimita purchased this treasure here: 


Jimita's Review:

This bag fulfills the much needed color in my bag collection! I think the color is Blue Jean with tone on tone stitching in the Clamence Leather. I took pictures in different lighting to try to capture the true color of the bag. I think the first color is the best result of the actual color. The Clamence leather is very soft and I like the simple, clean lines and overall look of the bag.

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