Friday, November 15, 2013

Replica Alma BB's Indian Rose & Rose Velour

Here are some more pictures by Vianne of her latest purchase. She's quite proud of these and couldn't wait for me to post them. Christmas is just around the corner so those of you looking to buy reps for gifts should do so now before the holiday rush. Vivian highly recommends this seller.


Vianne's Comments:

Dearest 5hong,
Hope you are doing fine. Here comes the pictures of my Indian Rose and Rose Velours Alma babies ;) As I told you earlier I just love these. They are just so perfect. No flaws at all. The stitchings are perfect, the heat stamp is just as crisp as it can be, the color is just as the original as I have seen it myself in the stores both in Milan Italy and in Oslo Norway. I don't know if I have mentioned in my earlier e-mails that I brought my Rose Velours inside the store in Milan and gurl, It's just so perfect. As you remember, I bought 4 of this style and the other 2 are already given away to my 2 sisters and they just love it too :D I am so glad I found a seller that I can really trust. Their merchandise are the best. I have bought from several just to compare but my favorite seller always stands out. I will send you the pictures of my Brea MM that I bought from 9starbags so you can see how terrible it look. I wish I could just send it back but I just don't like the hassles. So from now on only the for me.



  1. I planned on purchasing my replica Alma BBs from joy over at fabulousaaa, but these look gorgeous! Has anyone else purchased from this site or know where I can find reviews on this site?

  2. Hi,
    Previously, this blog owner name is another different name. I would like to chk is the same person still handling this site or someone different?
    I feel it's strange to see a new different name here. o.O

  3. Hi, I am looking for a replica Louis Vuitton alma bb in these colors. I tried to go onto their website, but not working. I think they have changed their name. If someone could email the correct site, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Lisa