Thursday, November 21, 2013

Las Vegas Meetup Report w/Pics

Maja just posted this to the forum so I thought I'd share it here as well.


Maja's Report:

Just doing a small follow up report of our Vegas meetup when Sarah came to town & Raquel was kind enough to host a BBQ with lots of food & cupcakes at her house! IN attendance was Raquel & her hubby, 5hong & her hubby, Ria_BS, Runy_brm & her hubby, Aeonn, Anjela & I. There were definately a lot of Jacky bags.

The next day we hit the mall, mainly the LV & stores where we manhandled every bag we got our hands on. It was pretty funny as we all critiqued stuff & we'd all make a circle around the bag & then compare our reps to it, lol. All the SA's at the various stores were really nice & treated us as if we were going to possibly buy something. 

We were all carrying our reps of course (our best reps, not bad ones). We saw a LOT of flaws in the authentic products as well as inconsistancies & we debunked a lot of myths IMHO. No the Chanel flap quilts DO NOT LINE UP on the sides & bottoms, Vuitton scarfs show much pilling & wear from customers just touching it, auth lambskin is not THAT soft ( the UB & Fang lambskin was softer ).

Whoever wants to chime in please do so.

SORRY I didn't take many pics!!! I suck at that! If you took pics please add.

Sandy vs. H2000H! both are perfect

Gotta Love the Pink Nail Polish and the Pilates pose lol.



These are all for trade! Minus the Bal city. Palermo is ria_bs. YSL, **** moon, green tote is Aeonn. Rest are mine.


Sarah's Estrela from Joy (Left) beside the authentic! The auth has a light patina probably from being on display for awhile. Monograms are not as bright as Joy's but canvas color on the auth varies.


This Chanel flap bag looks like TWEED right??? WRONG! it's just NYLON like Lesportsac bags, LOL. Except that it's 2K. 



I'm so glad Maja took pics. These are great! It was definitely a very educational trip where we learned that a lot of the flaws on our reps are not flaws at all because they exist on the authentic as well.

Lambskin apparently comes in different textures because my auth lambskin is buttery soft but the ones we saw at the boutique were not all that soft. As Maja said the rep from Fang was softer, shocking!!! Caviar leather also differs. Some are more pebbly than others. Grain size and softness varies.

Also the chain on the auth SQUEAKS very loudly. I always point this out on the reps because I thought it was a flaw but nope! The Chanel stamping is also different. Some are more bolded than others. The Registration mark was big on a lot of the flaps and I always thought they are small because I did a review on an auth Reissue where it was a lot smaller (like half the size) than on my reps.

The glue on the Alma's were not as neat as I thought they would be. There were lumps and unevenness. Also some of our members complained that the vachetta trim on the top of their neverfull does not line up with the seams on the side and we saw one there that was exactly like this. And the monograms did not line up either.

Canvas was also varied in color on both the Damier Ebene and Monogram. Some were darker than others including how bright the monograms are. There were just a lot of inconsistencies. I forgot to look at the Azur. I'm sure there were other things we picked up but these are what I can remember.


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  3. My email is, I lived in Las Vegas and my parents were there for 9 years! It makes sense now!

  4. where is the Chanel woc and boy bag from?