Monday, November 11, 2013

Hermes Birkin 35 etain and a classic 25cm from Victorialy

I just want to show off my new etain birkin 35cm custom made with a crevette lining and silver hardware clemence leather and a classic 25cm black birkin with gold hardware Togo leather.It is hard to capture the color with a phone camera. It reads as brown but it is a gray color bag. 
It took about 15 days to make both bags but it was worth the wait.
The bags came very fast once I received the tracking number. They came in carefully packaged because my last custom bag thru Dhl was a disaster. They folded my beautiful bag in half  and totally ruined it so this time it was sent by a different courier. Here are the pics of how it came in the box.

25 cm black Togo

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