Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hand-stitched Clemence Birkin 30 in Electric Blue from H2000H


I am CUBLile
Having read a number of mixed reviews here about H2000H, I would like to start by saying that I have only positive things to say about my experience with this seller.

From the beginning of the ordering process to the final shipment of my bag, H2000H were responsive to all my emails and answered all my questions promptly. Originally, I had my heart set on a Lagoon Swift, but both this color and leather were not available. Eventually, I decided on a bag in Clemence leather, and after looking at pictures of the colors they had in stock, I finally settled on the Electric Blue.

This bag was a hand-stitched, custom order so to it took 10 days to make. The cost of this bag was $1860 (a rather hefty price, but this is my first rep purchase this year!). I paid 50% deposit by WU. When the bag was finished, the seller sent me detailed pre shipment photos. I raised a query on the stitching on one corner of the bag, which I asked them to check. They assured me that it was fine. After I paid the 50% balance, the bag was shipped the next day.

This bag is a rep-lover's dream and ticks all the correct boxes:

- Shape: Nice, structured shape
- Leather: Superb quality, thick but supple
- Stitching: the placement of the double stitching is close to the authentic (eg, the top corners, the first 3 stitches at the base of the handles). 
The stitching is thick and even and slanted in the right direction.
- Great indentations, including on the inside zipper pull
- Resin: neatly done
- Stamp: clear and crisp; correctly placed
- Hardware: good quality hardware except for a small scratch on one side of the look.
- Date stamp: clearly pronounced. Electric blue was introduced in 2010/2011 so I specifically asked for a "P" stamp (ie 2012).
- Packaging: The bag was bubble wrapped and packed securely, inside a small box which fit the bag snugly. It was not folded and arrived in 
perfect shape.

I would like to thank both Sarah and Bkelly for their valuable input too during my ordering process.

It is very hard to capture on camera the rich tones and hues of this gorgeous Electric Blue, but here are the pics: 

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