Tuesday, November 5, 2013

e2Pop Tan Birkin w/Tone on Tone Stitching

This is a forum member's review of her Tan Birkin 30 from David of e2Pop. I wanted to share this one because it is the first time I have seen his higher priced Birkin's reviewed.


Valerie's Review:

Hi, girls!
I wanted to share with you my new 35cm Birkin in Tan with ghw from David epop.
Over all the bag is Ok, this is the pricier range, so i'm much more critical, i guess.
I paid $685 inc ship to US, via Paypal - transaction and communication excellent!

Now i have major problem with the handles on this bag. 
They feel very soft and rubbery, some how, they bend easy and they are a little dented from shipping. 
I really think the handles should be much harder. ( i have a 30cm and she has perfectly hard handles)


Leather - feels smooth and supple, really good.
Also inside the leather and the stitching are great.

Hardware - perfect

Shape - good

Stamp - perfect

All details on the inside - perfect.


Handles - too soft, dont feel strong enough for such a large bag.

Stitching - incorrect stitching details. - its missing the double tread on the 3 top stitches
( you ladies that do you research will know what i mean)

So this one has single thread stitch, but it should be doubled, however it is doubled on the back were straps are attached.

So why not on the handle base? I guess they forgot.

No veining on the leather - but i guess its not guaranteed.

Over all i'll give it $7/10 - its just that I expected to have something more superior for $650 bag.

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