Thursday, August 8, 2013

Replica Prada Saffiano Cameo Luxe Tote for Trade

One of my readers who recently traded for my Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote in Cameo has decided the bag is too small for her and is looking to get one in the larger size.

She has only had the bag for less than a week and have only carried it once for her photo shoot.

You can find her mod shots posted here:

And you can find my review of this bag (pictures & video) posted here:

I have only used this bag a few times before it went to her so it is Excellent Like New Condition.

I have had a lot of inquiries about this bag previously but at the time I was not ready to part with it. But I have since purchased the same bag in a larger size which was why I was able to let it go.

If you are interested in this bag make sure you contact her asap because I truly do not believe it will last long. It is one of the best one by Joy :).

Please NOTE: This item is a replica therefore I ask that interested parties DO NOT post comments offering to buy it. If you do they will be DELETED without notice. If you are interested in this item please contact Emily directly. Her email is listed below.

Disclaimer: I offer a courtesy listing in the "Trade/Barter" section to my readers and forum members. If you decide to trade with someone other than myself please understand that I am not liable for any issues that may arise.  I DO NOT screen people so I cannot vouch for their integrity and will not be able to help resolve disputes that may occur. You will be dealing with a stranger online so use common sense and take necessary precautions. Make sure to ask all questions and request additional pictures (if desired) before committing to a trade.


Emily's Comments:

Sarah, I love this bag but unfortunately I feel it is too small for my body so I'm hoping you can help me find it a new home so I can purchase another one in the larger size :).


Click Here to see Emily's Mod Shots:

Click Here to see more pictures and video of this bag.


  1. Hello! Is this the 1801 style?

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I have been a long time fan of your blog! Hello! I have also been a long time buyer and lover of all things FABAAA. I have been coveting this bag, BUT i agree with it being too small. After Joy's temporary dissapointment with her Prada Haul I held off on a purchase. she now boasts confidence with her new warehouse so I am super eager to pull the trigger on this Prada tote but the bigger style. She has had an influx of styles so I am curious which one you went with. I really trust your judgement and always love your reviews. would you mind sharing which Prada Saffiano Tote in cameo/nude/pink you decided to go with. I hope there is a review. love you blog!

  3. This bag looks amazing! I hope it found a good home :)