Saturday, August 17, 2013

Replica Celine Trapez from Jess of FallinFashion

One of our forum members made a post on this lovely Celine Trapeze bag that she purchased from Jess of (formerly Fallin2Fashion).

She was very upset because she felt the bag was made of faux leather. She paid $250 for this bag so I agree that for this price point I would have been upset as well if I thought I received PU Leather instead.

But I really did not believe this because I have known Jess for awhile now and I truly feel she is an honest seller. She has been accused of selling a faux leather bag in the past and she accepted a return and issued a full refund including all shipping costs.

There are very few sellers in the replica industry that will do this. Even some of our other trusted sellers like Catty who has shipped incomplete orders asks that the buyer makes another purchase before she will ship the bag that she mistakenly left out.

If this happened in the U.S. the seller could be sued or at the very least her customer service would be unacceptable. However, in the rep industry this is quite common. Sellers do not want to lose any profit even when they are at fault. So for Jess to offer a refund so willingly sets her apart from others but in a very good way.

Jess's bags may not be for everyone because we all have different opinions so what I think is a great bag might be a complete dud to someone. There are many different opinions but only one side to the truth. I got that somewhere but it makes perfect sense ;).

Jess contacted me when she saw that the buyer (forum name Bunny28) posted a couple threads on how awful the bag was. She pleaded with me to please help her with the buyer and that she would be willing to take the bag back even though she knows it is genuine leather because her reputation is very important with her.

So I saw the reviews posted. I locked the one thread that was posted in the "Horrible Replicas" section which are mostly for really poor bags like those you see on Craigslist. But the reason I locked it is because one thread already exists so it was redundant and may cause confusion.

In the other thread posted under the Celine Reviews I asked Bunny to send the bag to me and that I would have it professionally examined and will make sure she gets a signed statement by the Leather Restoration company I use so that she can confirm with them what was on the letter if it is in fact genuine leather

I told Bunny that if the leather is indeed faux leather that Jess would gladly issue a refund plus all shipping. I knew she would because she's already offered to do it anyway even without any professional verification.

Bunny was in NYC at the time and offered to take it to one of the high end boutiques to have it looked at by a sales person. I told her that a Sales Person is NOT a trained leather expert. They are just people like us and have been known to make mistakes even in authenticating their own products.

So in the end she decided to send the bag to me and have me get it professionally examined. I received the bag last week and took it in today.

Below is the results which I copied from my post on the forum:


Hi everyone, today I took the Celine Trapeze to the leather Restoration Company that I use for leather repairs.

This is a professional company that have been in business for a long time. They deal with all types of leather. The front of their shop is stacked high with designer bags from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Coach and many others. I don't know if they are fake or authentic since I can't see them up close. But I wish I had thought to take a picture to show you all these beautiful bags. So in addition to knowing their leathers they also have some knowledge of what to look for in determining a fake but that is NOT their area of expertise.

The person I spoke to is Ryan. He is one of the workers that do the actual repairs and he is very knowledgeable. In fact he can tell whether the leather is genuine or faux simply by looking at it without even touching it.

Below is the company info so please feel free to contact Ryan yourself to verify the information in the video and the signed statement I will be sending to Bunny along with the bag. I am a customer there so my info is in their database and my real name is Sarah Janelle. If you ask for Ryan and give him my name he will know who I am and will be happy to speak with you to confirm the info here.

Classic Shoe & Leather Repair
312 Pharr Road N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 949-9844

Now here is what happened. First I want you to know that I did not provide him with ANY info about this bag. I did not even mention the name of the bag or that it was a designer bag and certainly not that it was a replica. I only asked if the bag is genuine leather and if there are ANY parts that are not 100% leather to please let me know.

As soon as I unwrapped the bag from it's dust bag, he took one look at it and said "That is 100% Genuine Leather".

I asked him how could he possibly know this just by looking at it. He said "From many many years of practice. I have been professionally working with leather for over 15 years and in this business you learn what to look for. Leather has a certain texture that cannot be replicated though there are some very good faux leather that may fool the average person. But those of us that have been in this business for as long as I have can easily determine just by looking."

I asked him if he can tell what type of leather it was. He did touch the bag at this point and confirmed that it was indeed Calfskin Leather. Now I did NOT tell him that I thought it was calfskin. Like I said I did not mention anything at all because I was curious to know what he could determine without any info from me.

He says ALL parts of the exterior is genuine leather all the way through. This includes the flap, body, wings, bottom and handle which are all made of calfskin leather.

But when he looked at the inside he says: "Now this part is vinyl but in all honesty MOST designer bags use vinyl or fabric for the interior. There are very few that uses leather on the interior so it is NOT an indication that your bag is fake."

I almost laughed at this because I never asked him to tell me if the bag was authentic or otherwise. I made it clear I was only interested in knowing if it was genuine leather but he assumed that the reason was because I thought the bag was fake. So then I asked him if he can tell if the bag is authentic.

He said he's not trained in authenticating designer bags but their company gets all kinds of designer bags on a daily basis so he has picked up a few things to look for. In his "opinion" this bag is either a very good fake or it is in fact the original. Again, he is NOT an expert in this area so this is just his opinion only but due to the fact that he works with designer bags all day long I feel his opinion should count for something. It's just nice to hear it :).

Also he looked at the back of the bag and said that a piece of the acrylic is breaking off but this is easily fixed. I should have asked how much it would cost but to give you an idea of their fees I have had leather straps shortened for only $20 and I left my my authentic Prada Hobo (reviewed on this forum and my blog) is $45 to repair the handle. So if I had to guess the acrylic part is probably $5 to fix, $10 at most. I'm sure if Bunny wishes to do this Jess would be more than happy to reimburse her.

And now here is the video. Sorry but it is very short and to the point. They had other customers there and I was very uncomfortable taking up his time. Also he DID NOT charge me to do this. I assumed there would be a small fee because I have seen other customers pay to have their bag examined without leaving it for repairs. Apparently the customer was only tipping them for good service. Now I feel bad cause I've never done that and didn't even know they would accept it.

In conclusion I would like to ask you all to PLEASE do not make this type of accusations before getting your facts straight. It is very damaging to a seller and I have noticed that in the other thread that Bunny posted under Horrible Replicas, everyone who commented automatically agreed with the OP.

I have not purchased direct from Jess but I've known her for awhile now and we chat frequently. I feel she is an honest seller. She even offered to take the bag back and issue a full refund including the shipping costs even though she knew she was telling the truth. I don't know many sellers who would do this.

Now I know that Bunny did not do this on purpose. She was upset because she truly believed the bag was faux leather. And I agree with her that a $250 bag should definitely be genuine leather and would have been upset as well if I thought otherwise. But I try to get some sort of evidence before making a public complaint against a seller, especially a trusted seller as there are so few trustworthy ones. Opinions are different but this was posted as a fact that the bag was PU leather.

Things like this could really hurt her business. It would scare off other buyers and this sort of thing has a tendency to spread quickly. I think if I hadn't intervened other people would have assumed Jess was a dishonest seller by passing off faux leather as genuine and charging a premium for it.

I hope that when people see complaints on the board that they do not automatically assume the buyer is correct. Sometimes they are but sometimes they aren't so we should look at the whole picture and not just one side. Saying a bag is a horrible replica is an opinion which is fine because we all have different opinions but saying it's made of faux leather is implying the seller was dishonest which is completely different.

Personally I love this bag though I don't think I'd use it much. When I first saw it I was 99% sure it was genuine leather. The only part that felt like PU was the interior lining. Keep in mind that not all leathers are heavy so the weight is not an indication whether leather is genuine or faux. Some Balenciaga bags uses very thin lambskin leather which are very lightweight.

I will try to make some time to do a personal review of this bag as well. Might as well take advantage of this while I have it :). I will ship it back to Bunny on Monday or whenever is convenient for her.


  1. That was a fantastic review, Sara.

  2. Poor Jess! If I were Jess, I would be absolutely vivid. The authentic is lambskin lined though- according to "All About the Handbags" but it cost 3000 dollars too. I don't know if the replica was supposed to be leather through out though or not. It looks like a gorgeous bag and a great value for what she paid and maybe under strict examination it doesn't look as luxe as the 3000 dollar authentic but it is a beautiful bag. I think that is the thing people forget the most is what they paid. I saw a review of a 40 dollar Chanel replica on the forum and I was surprised at how upset the buyer was and at all the piling on from everyone else. For the price it looked fine and really what one should expect. When you think about it what kind of bag can you order for 40 dollars? And for 250 for that matter? You might be able to find something of superior quality and thus a great value in workmanship and materials at an outlet that was a factory overrun or something but if you sit down at your leisure and pick out something newly manufactured in the color of your choosing, what do you really expect to get for any given amount of money? Sometimes I think buyers have unrealistic expectations and then when they happen to not like the bag they just consider the whole amount a waste so nothing else matters and in their minds the bag becomes a piece of garbage. i.e. It isn't even leather. But the real issue is that they don't like it. I thought long and hard about the money I spend and what else I could buy for the same dollar when I looked at my new replicas instead of just comparing it to authentic and feeling disappointed. The bottom line keeps me grounded on what to expect.

  3. The other Celine Trapeze's for 250 in Jess's inventory are clearly marked as lined in PU so the bag was as advertised.

  4. Wow I wish I had his knowledge on leather ...that was very informative for the rest of us rep buyers making sure that our rep "leather" bags are in fact leather.

  5. Im guilty of the same crime... I wasn't sure that the bag I got from Angela of Aliexpress was Caviar leather as it felt somewhat plasticky so I just assumed it was PU for the price I paid.... It was then after I bought another Fang bag then I realized caviar leather felt like plastic in my hands.... I was lucky not to have accused Angela before getting my facts right...