Thursday, August 1, 2013 Possibly a Scam - Part 2

This is an update on my previous post about the Scam which you can read about here:

Right after I posted this SCAM Alert on my Blog and then on the Forum a whole bunch of things happened all on the same day.

First after I posted one of our members, Ann (aka Cocoluv) contacted Hermaz pretending to be a potential customer and they replied though it did take them 2 weeks. I also received an email from another reader that they too have been corresponding with Hermaz so it appears they are taking orders from NEW Customers but IGNORING emails from those who already sent payment.

So Ann called them out on this and they responded. Here is her Convo with them on webchat:


As promised in another thread I was going to make contact with this seller to make them believe I was going to be a potential customer so I could tell them that there was NO WAY I was going to purchase from them, after 2 weeks they finally responded to me here is the conversation below:

Dear Ann

Thank you for your inquiry through our website.

35 Birkin so black is not in stock now. if you want this bag will need to order.

It takes 20 days for us to finish the bag. Price is US$750

Please feel free to let us know if you have questions.

Best regards,



I was going to order from you but I am not because you have scammed 2 member from a repbag forum I am a member of SHAME ON YOU!!! you should be embarrassed.

Once I sent them the link to our forum they took note!

We didn't scammed customer.
It really need time to make bag.all of them bag is making now.


Well you need to do the right think and reply to their emails and stop ignoring them, their is a whole thread related to your company on our forum and members are saying they have not received their bags and you ignore them on wechat and their emails.

They then replied with this, I have had 2 different people respond to me

Dear Ann
Thank you for your reply.
Actually we did our best to reply every email from customers.
We have more than a thousand emails every day, some emails will be reply very soon, some email will be reply late, we make full
use of our working time and hope customers will understand!
Even though we sometimes late in reply, but almost all clients who receive our bag finally, are satisfied with our bags! This is truth.

Best regards,

I have replied that they are now on our blacklist on our forum and on Sarah's blog which will greatly affect their business and that it will not come off until the members have received their bags, so if the members what to email me the email address they have used I will forward it to them so they can let you know what's happening, I hope this can help you guys out

Barely 15 minutes after Ann posted this I suddenly receive an email from Ferrylle who is the person that submitted the initial review of the Kiwi Birkin I posted. It was very suspicious to get her email saying she got ANOTHER Great Birkin on the same day that we are discussing a scam by this seller.


From: Ferrylle
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 1:04 AM
Subject: Hi Sarah!

I finally got my hermes Birkin lime from! this is my second bag. It's perfect! But I wanted to ask you if you have a good website to buy a hermes Kelly long wallet? Thank you! I will email you the pics of my Birkin lime tomorrow.:)


And here is my response to her:

Ferrylle, did you read my latest post about Hermaz? Two of our forum members were scammed by Hermaz and another buyer emailed me because she got scammed as well. So far your review was the ONLY positive review I found on this company which makes me wonder if you are the seller. See my post here:

I am finding it a little strange that you are emailing me the same day that I posted about this scam.


And her response to me:

I swear I'm not! To prove you that I really paid for it I will send you details.


And below are all the screen shots she provided me of her conversation with Hermaz which I believe to be the truth because it shows her frustration with the lengthy delay she had to deal with before she received her bag.


Below are pre-ship pictures that Hermaz sent to her of the 2nd bag:


And this picture is one that she took herself at her home.

And her message to me which convinced me she is a legitimate buyer after all and I had wrongly accused her of being the seller trying to promote

Here is her response when I told her I can't post her review until I know for sure the other buyers received their merchandise.


I was really surprised about it! I felt so bad about the reviews that I just read too. I was just so excited to share it since I only got the bag this week.

I totally understand. I just sent you that email without even reading those bad reviews. I felt so bad. In fact I will email Hermaz right now. I don't mind if you post it or not I just wanted to prove that I am not trying to advertise or sell their bags. I just wanted to share my first experience on buying my Birkin kiwi, really bad experience on my second one. That really sucks! I hate it when that happens. I really know how it feels. If I was advertising it to get paid I wouldn't even bother to pay them at all. They should've paid me instead. I would never buy a bag from them anymore. This is my super last one! But I would like to share my bag with you though, you don't have to post it or something. Just wanted to share the lovely bag even when the sellers sucks.
The bag didn't come with the box this time since the first got stuck in customs for 2 weeks.

Oh my god, I was so shocked too myself. The stitching on this bag is perfect even better than the kiwi though. I will send you a pic that's focused in the stitching tomorrow. I still feel so lucky that I get to receive this bag after waiting 2 months of burden, agony and pain. I do not recommend them anymore after my second experience with them. I would probably have nightmares about the bad reviews. I really feel bad for them.


So my conclusion is this:

Ferrylle is a legitimate buyer. She did indeed buy BOTH the Kiwi Birkin (from her previous review) and the Lime Birkin shown above

The screen shots shows how frustrated she was with the delay and her final message to me says she does not recommend them due to her 2nd experience. She also expressed how bad she felt that her review was what made 3 other buyers buy from this company.

It appears Hermaz is taking notice of the fact that they are being Black Listed as Scammers in the Rep Community. They are not yet out of hot water because the 3 buyers still have not received their bags but the buyer who originally emailed me which is the reason why I posted the alert also sent me this email yesterday:


Hi Sara!
Do you believe? Hermaz Lee sent me a e-mail today with the EMS number!
I sent one e-mail to him yesterday telling you wrote a review in purse-princess blog . And today he sent me the EMS number that he posted the bag yesterday, and said he is sorry about the delay . I love your blog more than ever!!! thanks so much!


And Hermaz sent Ann the following email:

Dear Ann,

We would like to know the contact information of the 2 members from your forum, who claimed that they have been scammed by our company, and we will make compensation for them if their claim are truth.

Would you please let us know which replica forums has our information? Is it possible to open business account on the forums? therefore, clients will have a better place to complain, and we can improve our service accordingly! We will appoint servicer to deal with client complains on the forums.

Best regards,


Ann asked if I wanted them to join the our forum to which I responded that I DO NOT want them to be on our forum until AFTER they have shipped the 3 orders they owe and there are no other issues. I DO NOT want any of our members losing their money because this seller is ON our forum which might make them think they are Trusted Sellers.

However if after they have shipped all 3 buyers and there were no issues then they can join us  but I still DO NOT recommend buying from this seller. The 2 bags that Ferrylle sent look amazing but it's not worth the headache in my opinion. If you still choose to order you do so at your own risk!

The fact that they claim to receive over a thousand emails a day and are unable to let existing customers who have already paid know the status of their orders yet they have time to respond to NEW customers does not sit well with me.

So after Ann responded that they are not welcome on the forum here is their last message to her:

Dear Ann,

There are a log clients are waiting for our bags, and we don’t know which three clients are making complains about us.

Would you please let me know who they are? So that we can check status of their bag and see if it possible to ask our worker to make their bag faster.

So if any of you have outstanding orders with them you should take advantage of the fact that they are now taking note and seem to be willing to make things right.


  1. My apologies to Ferryll. From the very beginning I did not trust that review but I love being wrong about something like that. I think it is right that the same forum where readers saw the review will be the same forum that gets them their merchandise in the end, but it bothers me that there are so many customers complaining Hermaz isn't even sure who contacted the forum and can't even begin to guess. There is no excuse for sloppy business practices. I am also confused by Hermaz "story" because it is my understanding that bags are all made in the same 4 state of the art factories. They seem to represent themselves as the manufacturer but I have seen that from "trusted sellers" too and usually for the Hermes bags. Maybe since those bags require so much hand finishing they really are a small operation. Thank you Sarah. What would we do without this forum? :))

    this is their youtube website. If you think they're scammers go report them. I honestly never ordered from them, but with these videos, it seems like they actually own a business with all the bags that they have, but it is a sloppy business. I mean the quality of the bags are good, but it's not worth the 2 months + waiting...Might as well order from someone else...

  3. Hi, Sarah can you please post another review that Hermaz have scammed customers without any replies and promised to deliver but didn't do it... They are ignoring all emails, whatsapp and wechats. Can you send another post to remind all people please?

  4. Can you please help me with this? I didn't saw ur blog until I came about knowing that Hermaz is a scam! Can you pls help me with this? Thank you..

  5. I ordered a bag from hermaz's wechat account, the ostrich birkin it's 2050 dollars.
    It's huge amount, they reply constantly but verrrrry slow.
    I'll have to wait until 29 of march and see if they are a scam
    I will let you know what happens