Thursday, August 1, 2013

Emily's Mod Shots of Cameo Prada from Joy

So last week a new reader contacted me because after seeing my review of the Cameo Prada from Joy she wanted to get one for herself but was having issues contacting Joy. So she emailed me instead to ask for help or if I'd be willing to list mine for trade.

I have had a TON of people inquire about this bag. It's quite popular and I know it's a great replica because I saw the authentic in person at Neiman Marcus.

However at the time I had no intention of letting it go so it was a fortunate coincidence that she happened to contact me at a time when I have been thinking of getting this same bag in the larger size. I loved this bag but the larger size would be much more practical.

So we came to a trade agreement and I was able to ship this bag to her on Monday. She received it yesterday and posted some AMAZING Mod Shots of herself on her blog.

I will not link to her blog cause I'm not sure how she'd feel about that since it is a fashion blog and not about replicas. But here are her pictures.

She's 5', 6" but I think even though she's a lot taller than I am the bag suits her frame nicely. What do you think? She totally looks like a model right out of a fashion magazine!!!

Click Here to see my review of this bag.


  1. I already ordered a cameo prada saffiano tote but waiting for my local seller to receive it before she ships it off to me. I'm really excited to get the bag since I don't have any prada in my current collection and this bag looks reall good on her!!

  2. Oh the bag looks great and so does she...if she's not a model, she should be! She looks waaay better than models I've seen lately. She should send these pics in to a fashion magazine!

  3. She is gorgeous! Looking at these "mod shots" I was reminded of that line from "13 Going on 30" when her mother looks at some magazine photos and tells her daughter, "Those aren't people darling! Those are models." Of course she is a person but she is prettier than real life.

  4. Like everything but the turtle neck .... Would prefer a black tank or leather tee. Otherwise, nice!