Monday, August 26, 2013

Replica Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote Light Blue

I posted a video review of this bag a couple months ago so these are the pictures to go with it. This is the small Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote in Lake Blue from Joy of FabAAA.

This bag is available on her site for $142 plus shipping ($39 for US buyers). After western union fees you can expect to pay around $193-$196 depending on your fee. I believe I paid $44 on this purchase because I was too lazy to go pay in person. It's much more expensive if you do it it online but I also had a few other bags in that order.

F.Y.I. shipping outside the US can get really high. I've seen buyers pay as much as $150 for ONE bag. I thought this was excessive until I shipped a few international packages myself. The highest I paid for one bag was $215 via FedEx. This was for Priority - you don't want to have replicas sit in customs long so it's best to have it shipped the fastest way possible.

I can't remember which country this was but thought I'd mention it so you don't get a shocker if you happen to live outside the US. I'm sure it's cheaper from China but still pretty high.

Anywhoo, I've had this bag a little over 2 months now but have not used it and pretty sure I never will. I'm in the process of getting rid of all my smaller bags in favor of the larger ones. If you're interested please email me at

Here is the video posted previously.

The pictures were taken a week after the video and the bag has been in my closet since so it will be in the exact same condition as shown here.

I'll have to come back and add the written review later but the pictures should show you everything there is to see.

It's a cute bag and a great color but it's not flawless. I'll point out the flaws in the written review but will say that they are mostly minor issues that aren't an issue for me.

I received a larger Pink one last week (from Joy as well) but that one turned out to be a disappointment. Returns are too much trouble so I'll probably use it a few times and end up listing it for trade as well. Unfortunately that is how it is with buying win some and lose some :/.