Sunday, July 7, 2013

Uncle Bench Finally Comes Through

I just wanted to post an update that all 3 ladies who were experiencing very lengthy delays with Uncle Bench has finally all received their bags and all are happy with the quality.

So Uncle Bench did come through but still it took them over 2 months for Kathy (whom I spent Thursday with) and 53 days for another and 48 days for the 3rd lady so please keep in mind if you order from them you may experience this delay.

I'm probably one of the most patient buyers out there and have absolutely no problem waiting up to 2 months for an order provided the seller keeps me updated on the status. But when they simply leave you in the dark and do not respond to emails it is very frustrating.

Kathy had a lot of emails back and forth from the seller who I just discovered over the weekend is actually a woman. Uncle Bench is a strange name for a woman seller lol.

Anyway, Kathy had originally ordered a Birkin and after lots of back and forth ended up getting a Chanel GST instead for because for some reason Uncle Bench was not going to ship what she wanted. They told her there was a flaw on the Birkin but the pre-ship pictures she received actually looked perfect so we think those may have been stock photos instead of pictures of the actual bag. But in the end she is very happy with her bag so it all worked out.

The other 2 ladies also got what they ordered but were understandably not happy with the long shipping time and lack of communication and do not think they will order again.

I do not Black List a seller unless they are known for actually scamming people or consistently shipping bad quality products. Shipping delays, while frustrating especially when the seller doesn't keep you updated or respond to your emails, are not enough for me to put them in the Black List. But I just wanted to let you know it's not just one seller. It seems to be happening a lot lately.

There are a few that seems to be extremely slow. Uncle Bench is one of them, NBF is another and Vanco Fashions is the third. All 3 of these sellers have been known to have shipping delays of over a month.

I've experienced slow shipping with Vanco personally after waiting 45 days for my order with no updates whatsoever from the seller. I'd sent 2 emails in that entire time and both were ignored but in the end I did get my order and am happy with what I received so it worked out but it was still a frustrating experience that I hope I'd never have to repeat.

NBF (New Bag Factory) has had lots of complaints on the forum of people having to wait anywhere from 1-3 months before receiving their products in addition to many quality issues. It's so bad that I've personally decided not to order direct from them and instead buy pre-owned from others. It's safer that way because lately they have shipped out a lot of duds. I think they have gotten so busy they've become careless.

And Uncle Bench has had a few other complaints of lengthy shipping delays on the forum in addition to the 3 ladies I posted about here so there you have it. If you decide to order from any of these sellers you must be prepared for a lengthy wait. If you're not then I'd go with another seller for now.


  1. Thanks so much. I'm concerned that they lost the paypal ability to pay for a reason. Paypal does not drop you unless you have problems with delivering.

  2. Have you ever dealt with Top Handbag Designer ? Its been 5 days after paying with WU and I still don't have a tracking number . To make matters worst they don't have my order listed in my account !