Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sale and Trade/Barter Submissions

Hey guys, this post is for those of you that have sent me items to list either in the sale section (I actually don't get many of those) or the Trade/Barter section.

I am happy to help my readers and forum members re-home their bags or other items that are not being used anymore and I am thrilled to see that most of the time they are gone within a few days. This makes me feel really good because I've essentially helped 2 people in with one stone so to speak: someone gets a bag they love without taking their chances with western union and unknown sellers in a different country and also help the owner get rid of things they don't want so they can get the things they love.

I don't expect anything in return for doing this but I DO Expect the owner of the listing to tell me when the item is no longer available. This should go without saying but it's always a few people that take advantage and ruins it for others.

It is really inconsiderate to send someone (ME) your unwanted items, have me post them (for free), help you find it a home and you can't be bothered to tell me it's gone? It takes 10 seconds to send me an email. I'm not asking for a lengthy thank you note -  a simple "Hey Sarah, my item is gone!" would have been sufficient. That's all I ask but if this is too much trouble for you than please don't bother to waste my time. There are plenty of other people who appreciate and deserve my help!

The reason I am bringing this up is because I have had to chase several people down who are not answering emails from interested parties that are contacting them from their listing. If the owner had emailed to let me know the item is no longer available I would have updated the listing and removed the contact email so they don't get any more inquiries but since they didn't the people who are interested are contacting me instead.It's not their fault because the item is, after all, listed on my blog so when they don't get responses they are going to contact the blog owner.

So from now on if I receive your listing and I find out your item is no longer available and you don't bother to let me know I'm going to blacklist your email and reject future listings from you. This is a FREE courtesy service, I don't make any money for spending my time doing something to help you so if you can't give me such a small courtesy in return than you're not worth my time.

Fortunately this has only happened a few times so most of you have been awesome about letting me know right away. I just want to make this clear because I am NOT chasing anyone around just so I can help THEM get rid of unwanted items.

I also want to say that ALL emails containing Reviews and Sale or Trade/Barter Listings are ALWAYS encouraged and given TOP Priority over other emails. Due to the amount of emails I get daily it's impossible for me to respond to everyone as much as I'd like to so these are my priorities.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have a FABULOUS rest of the week!!!



I have a lot of items that were submitted for Trade/Barter the last 2 weeks that I haven't gotten around to posting yet so if you submitted something please allow me up to a week to post them. If you don't see it posted within a week please send them again because I may have deleted it by mistake or it didn't come through.


  1. I totally agree if they have time to send you an email to post an ad for their item they should have time to tell you to take it off when it's gone that way it will just be easier for everyone.