Saturday, July 20, 2013

Replica LV Palermo PM & Hermes Wallet from Joy

Here's another beautiful replica of the Palermo from Joy of FabAAA. I still have this bag in my collection also purchased from Joy and still think it is a gorgeous bag!

I've contemplated purchasing the authentic several times because I don't think I'll tire of this bag. But in the end I decided against it. It is after all only a canvas bag and for over $1k I can get so many reps that are just as nice :).


Evie's Review:

Hi Sarah

I thought ill post a review on my loot from fabulousAAA.

I saw the palermo on your blog and i love it! So i ordered this and the hermes wallet (original leather) from Joy. The order took 7 days to arrive. I asked the team to send me preshipping photos and they did within 2 days. I was very impressed with the service. I used western union to pay online using my credit card and it went smoothly (I just have to call them to authenticate the transaction). The fees to pay was NZD15.

The Palermo overall is great except the stitching. I didnt take detailed pics as most of the parts are similar to your bag. Im highlighting the areas that are not that great which are the stitching under the straps (handle strap and crossbody strap) and the stamp on the inside logo is uneven (but since its inside, i dont really care).

I applied some olive oil to it and it actually made the stitching looks better. Ive taken a photo of the bag next to my authentic LV wallet and it looks great together!! I looked at it closely under the sun and the canvas looks identical - the real one is perhaps a little bit lighter but you have to really look closely to notice the difference.

The hermes wallet stitching looks perfect to me.The engraving on the zipper looks crisp and clean too. The leather is really soft. However, ive never seen a real hermes wallet before but looking at pictures online, it seems like a pretty good replica? Will love it if some hermes expert out there can comment. I bought the wallet for USD120 (it was 190 but is on sale now).

Thanks heaps and i hope this is helpful :)


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