Thursday, July 11, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Totally MM Azur by Lindsey

This review is for a replica Louis Vuitton Totally MM in the Azur canvas. It was purchased from Joy of FabAAA by one of my readers. Lindsey, thank you for taking the time to share your bag with us!

The shape and size of this bag looks great. The canvas and vachetta also looks good. Unfortunately the bag does have some pretty big flaws which Lindsey covered in her review below.

I haven't seen this bag in person but I have seen pictures online. This bag should have 3 interior pockets (1 large and 2 small) and a key fob. Lindsey's bag is missing the large pocket and the key fob.

The bottom is supposed to have 2 Louis Vuitton Paris stamped - one on top of the other with the center seam in between. Lindsey's bag only has half of a stamp on each side of the seam meeting in the center and because they are facing opposite directions it gives the appearance of being mis-spelled.

Fortunately those flaws are on the interior and bottom of the bag so it can't be seen while using. The bag is really beautiful even with those flaws but I think they would be a deterrent for some of the more picky buyers. I'm not very picky compared to a lot of other buyers but I think the missing pocket and key fob would bother me. The stamping on the bottom isn't a big deal at least not to me.

If you are interested in purchasing this bag and these issues bother you, I suggest you confirm with the seller these features are correct before buying. Joy purchased this bag from a factory so there's a good chance that factory also sold them to other sellers. It could have been a first batch or just a bad batch that has since been remedied but if it bothers you I'd definitely ask first.

I'm really glad Lindsey sent me this review because the Totally is on my Wish List and now I'll know to check with Joy in advance to make sure these are correct before purchasing. I don't mind minor issues like sloppy stitching in an inconspicuous area, missing date codes or the color of the canvas being slightly off but I do want my bag to have the right pockets and other features like key fob or bottom feet if it is supposed to have them.

Click Here to see the Authentic version of this bag to compare with the pictures below.


Lindsey's Review:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for keeping such a great blog. It's been super helpful in navigating the relatively sketchy world of replica bags. Your upcoming reference guide pages sound fantastic! I'll definitely be staying tuned for those.

I noticed you don't have many reviews on the LV Totally ( aka the mommy bag ) so I thought you might like to post one for your readers.

I ordered the LV Totally MM in the Damier Azur from Joy and am pretty happy with it. I've been using it for about a month now and it fits all my and my baby's essentials nicely without being a bulky, heavy bag.

I used olive oil to start the patina. I'm tough on my bags and have already scuffed the vachetta tabs as you'll see (reason enough why I shouldn't be carrying the real thing).

So, here we are:

The stitching near the hardware on the outside of one handle is a bit off, you can see in the second picture. Also, the stitching around the closures of the inside handles is not perfect. The remainder of stitching on the handles is excellent though. I'd say the stitching on the tabs is pretty good.

There's a line on the inside of one of the handles that looks like the line used around the edges of the handles - looks like maybe a small misprint on the vachetta. 

The bottom of this bag only has one Louis square which can't be true to the authentic but is interesting none the less. 

The inside is missing the large slip pocket and the key fob (wait, does the authentic MM have a key fob?). 

The date code is tucked in the side pocket that's below the unstamped vachetta tab. 

I'm overall very pleased with the quality of this bag despite the imperfections.The hardware is nice and substantial, the canvas feels great, and the zipper is super smooth. 

I didn't notice a smell like I've read about in other reviews. I hope anyone who has experience with the authentic version will post any discrepancies they see. I definitely wouldn't walk into a Louis store sporting this bag, but it's perfect for everyday toting to the park, grocery store, ect.

Hope this helps!

Thanks again Sarah,


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I actually have the authentic version of this bag and I absolutely love it! I only use it when I go to the pool or the lake (I'm afraid to use it every day because I don't want to dirty it). But this looks actually really really close to the real thing. Amazing! I am so ordering this from Joy soon.