Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull MM from Bevan

This is a reader submitted review for a replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull MM purchased from Bevan of Luxirouspurse.

F.Y.I. I've never purchased from Bevan but he has a tendency to advertise Mirror Image 1:1 Quality which isn't true. I haven't seen any replicas yet that I would consider a true mirror image so it bothers me to see sellers advertising this.

That said, I have seen some beautiful bags from Bevan and his prices are pretty reasonable. Also, unless something's changed last I heard he does accept credit cards via PayPal so for those of you who are afraid to use Western Union so you'll have buyer protection both from PayPal and your Credit Card company.


Tina's Review:

Hi Sarah!

This is my very first replica and I decided to try out (lux7). The overall experience was good. Bevan was very good when it came to customer service but as far as the bag goes its only ok.

It's made from a good leather none of that plastic stuff that I've heard smells strong. My only real issue with the bag is that the sides aren't symmetrical what so ever!

The hardware is pretty good the only thing wrong with those is the O looks like an oval but you can only tell if you really look at it.

The inside looks pretty good to me but then again I've never really looked at the inside of an authentic Louis Vuitton. I'm not sure if I'll ever order from them again but it was worth giving them a shot. Please tell me what you think about the bag.

Tina, first thank you for sharing a review of your bag and purchase experience! Your bag looks fine to me. It has that RT code that a lot of my bags from Joy have so I'm thinking this bag came from the same factory as some of the ones I have from Joy.

The sides not lining up has never been an issue for me only because I've seen plenty of authentic LV bags that do not line up and this goes for Monogram and Checker prints. Without seeing more pictures and close ups of details the only thing I could find that could use some improvements are the stitching and the side ties.

The color of the thread is a little too yellow but this is a very common problem with replicas and one that doesn't bother me though it would be nice if they got that right more often :). The side ties are a little stiff. You can hang your bag on a door knob and add some weights to the ties to loosen up the kinks and they should fall naturally after a few days.

Also the chemical smell you're referring to are not necessarily due to parts made in plastic. I'm glad you didn't have this problem but if you do it's usually from the dyes used or from storage with no breathable air. If you get one with an odor just air it out a week or so, preferably in a well ventilated area and it will fade away. Bounce dryer sheets, coffee beans or baking powder inside the bag will also help speed up the process :).


  1. Cousin just bought Authentic Monogram Neverfull MM. The sides on her purse do line up and the pocket doesn't lift up all the way... It was made in the USA so I don't know if that makes a difference. I took some pictures if you want to see it just contact me.

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes please send some pictures ( I enjoy seeing pics of authentic bags to make comparisons but I do know for a fact that LV Monogram bags do not always line up. I've seen plenty that don't so it seems to be one of the quality issues and why so many are complaining that LV quality is going downhill.

  2. Can anyone steer me in the right direction of a good site for quality neverfulls

  3. do the sides seem right? i mean the signs sre correct or they should have another signs of the canvas?