Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli PM for Trade

7/18/13 UPDATE:  This bag has found a new home. Thank you for your interest!!!

Oh man, here is a brand new replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli PM from Joy of FabAAA available for trade by one of my readers. She just received this bag but unfortunately is not happy with the heat stamp which she felt was too large.

I see what she means the stamping on the inside is indeed too big but for me this is not an issue since it's on the inside. No one will see it except you and the stamping itself is very clean and crisp. I had one awhile back which I later traded out because I preferred shoulder bags for this style.

I asked if there were any other flaws and she responded that it was the only issue she found so if you are like me and not picky over the small details than this bag is wonderful find so don't let it slip you by! I don't think it will last long in the trade section. I've listed 2-3 Tivoli's in the past and they all got picked up within a day or two.

Please NOTE: This item is a replica therefore I ask that interested parties DO NOT post comments offering to buy it. If you do they will be DELETED without notice. If you are interested in this item please contact Armi directly. Her email is listed below.

Disclaimer: I offer courtesy listings in the "Trade/Barter" section to my readers and forum members. If you decide to trade with someone other than myself than please understand that I am not liable for any issues that may arise.  I DO NOT screen people so I cannot vouch for their integrity and will not be able to help resolve disputes that may occur. You will be dealing with a stranger online so use common sense and take necessary precautions. Make sure to ask all questions and request additional pictures (if desired) before committing to a trade.


Armi's Email:

Hi sarah! This is my first purchase from fabulousaaa. I bought tivoli pm after i read/saw your review on it. But my bag is not that good looking compared to yours specially the tag inprint. Its bigger! Im so disappointed with this bag. Can you please help me list for trade? I think i would rather buy trevi. Thanks!

Email: XXX (this bag is no longer available)

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