Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Estrela MM

I received the first half of my order from Joy this afternoon. This video is for the Monogram Estrella MM. It was supposed to be the GM but Joy's staff sent me the wrong size.

I ordered this bag for a friend so I'm not sure if she will want to keep it or not since it is the wrong size. If she doesn't want it I will gladly take it off her hands :). I've wanted the Estrella MM for some time but didn't order because I thought it would be too big. The pictures on Joys site looks HUGE but it's actually the perfect size for me!

I do feel bad for Kathy because we waited almost a month for this order. I placed the order on July 2nd but there were several issues with items being out of stock after payment was sent so that is why it took so long for these to get here.

I think the problem with stock checks are mostly because Joy has to rely on her staff to get the info from the factory. She's like the 3rd person in between 4 people (customer, Joy, staff & factory) so info can get mixed up along the way.

Anyway, my order was for 5 bags and today I got 3 but this video is only for the Estrella.

I've only looked at it briefly but other than a few minor issues the bag is quite lovely. Great job Joy!

UPDATE: I just saw pictures of the authentic version of this bag on TPF, Malleries and the Louis Vuitton website.  The monograms DO NOT line up on the bottom or sides either :). The bottom alignment on Joy's bag is actually slightly better than the authentic pics I saw.

This is why I think some buyers are being a bit unfair to expect a replica to line up when even the authentic doesn't.

Here's the link to to Malleries and check it out on the LV website too!



  1. I've seen the authentic bag and nothing lined up either, not even the bottom.

    1. Thanks for your comment. That's great to know :). I actually just saw the Authentic bags too online and you are correct :). I posted the link to where I saw it and some pics.

  2. I LOVE LOVE my bag! It is even prettier in person. Much prettier really. Thank you Sarah and please tell Joy thank you too. No problem with the size issue. I think the Keepall will make a better carry on bag. I feel like a little kid at Christmas -getting 2 bags in the same day.

  3. I finally got to see the review with the sound on and I didn't realize how much you wanted the bag too. :)) I LOVE it though. I thought the same thing about the interior! You showed me your bag collection and the difference between the authentic lining thickness and the replicas and I was impressed with the difference. Immediately I noticed that this bag was very close in thickness to authentic. The bag is just gorgeous. I am just giddy over it. I can't thank you or Joy enough.

    1. No worries, I just ordered one too :).

  4. Where can I buy this bag, like yours?