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Replica Louis Vuitton Black Millionaire Sunglasses w/Display Case

This review was long overdue. I have had the products for almost 2 months and am just now getting around to posting the pictures. I took the pictures about 4 weeks ago but didn't have time to do a thorough review until now.

Let me start this off with a little background about the seller who started out as a reader of my blog.

Christy sent me an email to introduce herself and to thank me for having such a great blog - I get a lot of emails like this and it always puts a smile on my face :). She is very friendly and personable and it really shows through her emails. We started chatting back and forth for about a week when she told me she was starting her own business in selling replica sunglasses, handbags and other accessories but her specialty is in Louis Vuitton Sunglasses.

She lives in New York City and works with a factory in China to customize high end replica of several styles of Louis Vuitton Glasses. She owns the authentic version of each of the style she offers and studies them extensively to get the smallest detail as close as possible to the original. They are not mirror quality but they are the best replica glasses I have ever seen!

Though to be honest I have never purchased replica sunglasses before so I don't really have anything to compare them to. I don't wear sunglasses except when I'm on vacation and sun tanning by the pool and because I also work for a company that manufactures sunglasses I really had no need for them.

So being a new seller who is still working on getting her website up and running she wanted me to do a review of her products to introduce her to my readers and forum members. She asked if she could send me a box of samples to review on my blog and on the forum.

Now how could I possibly say NO to free samples right :). I told her I'd be happy to review them to the best of my ability even though I'm really not familiar with LV Sunglasses and have never seen them before. I've never looked for them online either but I told her I would go and purchase the authentic version to do a side by side review. But as it turns out she already has pictures of her replicas next to the Authentic since she owns them as well. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find where I placed them. The only pictures I found were of the factory stock pictures she originally sent me so I'll have to ask her to either resend or see if I can find it in my pile of emails.

So in this review I will show you the pictures I've taken as well as those the factory stock pictures she provided. I'll come back and post the side by side pics she sent if I can get her to resend or find them. And I'll also give a few links to see the authentic ones I was able to find online.

Hopefully this will give you enough to make a comparison. But I have to say that the pictures I've found aren't very detailed. A lot of them looked washed out so the colors aren't true and I wasn't able to find any close up shots of the tiny details so it's hard to make a good comparison based on these.

If you happen to be familiar with these glasses or own the authentic version I would love to hear your thoughts. I was hoping I could  go see them in person before I posted the review but I just don't have time. The next time I visit my local LV store I'll be sure to ask to see these so I can come back and add to this review.

This is for the Black Millionaire which comes with a gorgeous Drawer Display Case. As silly as this sounds I think I am in LOVE with the display case best of all haha. I don't usually care about packaging (i.e. box, dust bags, cards, etc.) so it doesn't bother me if they look awful so long as the product itself is good quality and well made.

But I must give Christy an A+ for doing an EXCELLENT job on the packaging. All of the sunglasses she sent came with a Louis Vuitton Box, Sunglass Case, Dust Bag, Booklet and Lens Cleaner. Everything was so professionally packaged I felt like LV sent me the products themselves!

So please take a look at the pictures and let me know your thoughts - Christy has assured me that she wants constructive criticism because she is always looking for ways to improve so please feel free to offer any advise on any areas that could use improvement.


Here is the box it comes with. It is the usual LV box that comes with wallets and Sunglasses. I've never really studied the packaging but the color of the brown and yellow parts look correct. The imprinted name is clean and even and the pull tab is not fragile. I've noticed on many of the boxes I've received in the past the pull tabs will come right off if you are not careful when pulling on it.

Inside the box is the LV Sunglass Case which Christy assures me is a mirror image of the authentic. It is the exact same shade of brown with the exact shape and dimensions. I've only been able to compare it to online pictures but they look pretty spot on to me. It has a nice weight to it, feels sturdy, hinges open smoothly and stamping is crisp, clean and even.

Each of her glasses comes with a super soft cleaning cloth with Louis Vuitton imprinted on it. I wasn't able to find any pictures of it but here again Christy assures me it is the exact same shade as the real ones. I trust that she is telling me the truth because she knows I can easily go see this in person and find out if it is otherwise. The next time I visit my local LV Store I will definitely take a good look at these glasses. Nothing beats seeing them in person.

Here's a picture of everything the Millionaire comes with minus the Display Case. I forgot to include it in these pictures and had to take pictures of it separately.

So for this style you will receive the Box, Display Drawer, Sunglass Case, Dust Bag, Cleaning Cloth and a booklet. Everything looks great and is beautifully packaged! Again an A+ for packaging and all the extras it comes with. I usually don't keep cards or booklets but these look so nice as a package it made me feel like I actually have the real deal. I couldn't throw them away :).

The dust bag is so cute :).

The case looks like the standard case that all Louis Vuitton Sunglasses come with. It is a very dark brown almost the color of coffee beans. It opens smoothly with hinges in the back and does not make any funky sounds. It has the right surface texture, feels sturdy and has a nice weight to it. It really looks just like the authentic case.

The imprinting on the inside looks a little thick but I haven't been able to find a close up shot of the Authentic so I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like. But the font has the same consistency in thickness, is even and does not have any bleeding of ink so that's good enough for me :).

For some reason pictures of the glasses are showing a deep purple tint in the lens but in person it's not this dark. I'm not sure what's causing this but please keep this in mind because it is very exaggerated in the pictures.

In addition to the Sunglass Case you also have a nice drawstring dust bag which is the exact same color as the lens cleaner. Christy was very proud of her dust bags which she felt was a mirror image of the Authentic. She says she used the same color thread and drawstring ties.

I haven't been able to find a picture of one but it does look and feel well made. The fabric is thick and soft, stitching is perfect, imprinting is crisp, clean and even. And the drawstring ties are thick and cinches smoothly with no catching. Most replica dust bags are an ugly yellow color but this one is more of a cream color which she assures me is the way it's supposed to look.

When I first got these glasses I showed them to my employers and co-workers and they were all very impressed. My boss says and I quote "Damn, they are knocking the hell out of these glasses! Shit Sarah, you can get sued by just carrying it with you!"  Hahaha, seriously that's what he said!

I also showed them to our V.P. of Sales and Marketing for our sister company that manufactures Sunglasses. He is very knowledgeable about the dynamics of sunglasses and how they are made so he knows quality when he sees it.

I wish I wrote down what he said because he was quite descriptive. But to summarize he commented on weight of the glasses and says they are made of acetate? I don't even know what that is but I'm assuming a better type of plastic. He was very impressed and says if I hadn't told him they were replica he would have never guessed otherwise. I don't think he's ever seen the authentic ones either so his comments were only for the quality and not in how close they resemble the Authentic.

Here again, the pictures do not represent the tint of the glasses well. They are not as dark or deeply tinted as they appear in these pictures.

And here is the FABULOUS Drawer Display Case it comes with! This case only comes with the Millionaire and it is just beautiful!

I saw pictures of the authentic ones on Malleries and the description says it is a wooden case. I can't tell if this is wood because it's coated with some sort of clear laquer making it really shiny but Christy did refer to it as a Wood Case so I'll assume that's true.

It is very nicely constructed and you can just feel the materials used are quality. The gold finish is smooth and shiny. The engravings are crisp and clean and the case has a good weight to it.

It came in a white cardboard slide thru box and I was so excited when I got these glasses I yanked it out too quickly and dropped it on hard ceramic tiles (Ouch! right on the bathroom floor). I am shocked the only piece that broke off was the clasp and to make it worse I also stomped on it, albeit not on purpose lol. I was able to super glue the clasp back on and it appears to be functioning fine however I just noticed one of the little stud is missing. It's such a small piece I didn't even notice it was missing until I was looking through the pictures. Probably fell off when I stomped on it, oops!

Here's a close up. See the hole on the top left where the stud is missing? The engraving on the clasp is crisp and clean but it is slightly off centered. It's not noticeable except in these pictures.

The flash went off in this picture so the gold looks really pale and the specks look a lot more pronounced. I'm not sure what that is. I should have tried cleaning it before taking the pictures to see if it's dust or maybe it's ingrained in the material?

The cursive Louis Vuitton is gold and looks so elegant!

The case opens smoothly with back hinges and closes with a frontal magnetic clasp.

The inside looks so Victoria Secret! I love the bright lipstick red with the combination of gold cursive lettering. So sexy :).

But I am a little confused as to what color red this should be. I saw one on Malleries in a burgundy red but I also saw some in this bright red so perhaps it comes in 2 shades of red?

Either color looks great but if I had to pick I like the bright red better.

The glass nestles perfectly within the case.

And now for the glasses. Note the dark purple tint. They are much darker in the pictures than they are in reality. I tried these on and the glasses are super clear. It looks and feels amazing! I don't wear sunglasses often but I kept these in my car just in case :). This one is my favorite out of all the ones she sent me!

The gold on top is genuine 18k gold plated. The lenses are so clear you can read the imprinting on the rims perfectly. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

That little glob on the left lens is a reflection of a lamp light.

The gold looks so rich!

The monograms are so tiny yet so detailed, they look PERFECT!

The imprinting on the rims are crisp and clean and correct for this style.

Overall I give these glasses a 10 for Quality and Construction. Based on the pictures I've been able to find online I'd rate them a 9 in comparison to how close they are to the Authentic.
The pictures of the Authentic glasses I saw just weren't detailed enough for me to make a good comparison but I'd be surprised if these aren't at least 95% close.
Once I've seen them in person I'll come back and add those ratings but a 10 for Quality and Construction is really all that matters to me. Anything else is gravy :).
Here are a few links to the Authentic glasses so you can take a look. Feel free to do your own Google search and if you find some better pictures please let me know.
Here are a few other pictures I looked at but I'm not 100% sure these are authentic.
And here are some pictures that Christy herself provided.

These last 2 are for the Evidence which she also sent me. I will do a review on these separately.

And now for some specifics on how to buy these glasses from Christy.
I haven't been in touch with her for a few weeks but she contacted me a couple days ago to apologize for not being in touch. She had a sudden death in the family and had to take some personal time to work things out but she's starting to get back into the swing of things though it might take her some time to catch up with emails.
I didn't get a chance to ask how her website is doing so for the time being you can contact her through email at
The price for the Millionaire is $200 which includes the Wood Display Case, Sunglass Case, Dust Bag, Cleaning Cloth and Booklet.
I don't know what the retail price is for the Authentic ones but a pre-owned one is being sold for $3,700 on Malleries in the link I provided above. So if you're like me and can't see yourself spending that kind of $ for a pair of glasses then these would be a great alternative :).
Christy accepts all major credit cards through wepay. I'm not familiar with this company but you can get all the details from Christy directly.
Please allow her a few days to respond. She is just now getting back to work after having taken a few weeks off so I'm sure she's got a lot of emails to catch up on.


  1. I love them..:) can I win purple sunglasses ???.:)

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    1. OMG, I can't believe I didn't see that lol. Thanks for pointing it out hahaha. I'll let Christy know. LOL, that is so funny!

    2. I think this was the only glass with this mistake because I remember looking at the others and they are correct so hopefully it was just this one. I'll tell her anyway. Thanks for letting me know! lol, I still can't believe I missed it hahaha.

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