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Replica Louis Vuitton Azur Zippy Organizer Wallet

This is a review of my Azur Zippy Organizer Wallet purchased from Joy of FabAAA. I think I purchased this wallet the same time I purchased the Hampstead PM so it was one of my first purchases from Joy over 2 years ago.

I don't remember what I paid for it but it is currently priced at $52 on Joy's site and I believe shipping is $29 for just a wallet. So with the Western Union or MoneyGram fee you would pay around $100 take or leave a little depending on where you are.

Anyway I must say I was very happy with this wallet and still love it to this day. I had recently purchased another Azur wallet from a different seller to test out the quality and had planned to list this one for Trade/Barter but after looking through the pictures I realized the wallet is dirty which is surprising considering I've rarely used it. I really should stay away from light colored clothes or bags because I have a hard time keeping them clean no matter how careful I am. So because it is not in mint condition as I had expected I've decided to keep it. Besides the one I got from the other seller (off AliExpress) wasn't as nice as this one and really the pictures make it look worse than it really is.

I've never seen this wallet in person or even online so I don't know if there are any details off but it is a well made wallet and the materials feel like good quality to me so with that in mind I'd be willing to forgive any imperfections there might be. Besides it is only a wallet so it's not going to be seen often anyway :).


As with all of Joy's LV wallets this one came with a dust bag and an LV box. It was packaged beautifully and it also comes with the usual cards and booklet.

This is a picture comparing an authentic dust bag to the replica. The one on top is the one that came with this wallet and the small one came with an authentic wallet. The color of the fabric is close but not the same. The texture is also slightly different but the main difference is the lettering. It is more bolded on the authentic but fortunately it's just a dust bag so it's not important to me.

I have yet to see an authentic Azur canvas in person, only online so it's hard to tell if there are any differences in the color but based on the pictures I've seen I think they have this very close.

The Louis Vuitton stamping is in the exact same location on front and back. They are centered and easy to read. However the letters V and U tend to run into each other. This would only be noticeable if someone were looking closely so it's not at all noticeable.

The color of the thread used for this wallet is white so it blends in with the canvas making it nearly impossible to see. I didn't even bother trying to find any crooked stitching. After all if you can barely see it in the close up picture below you certainly would not be able to see them at a normal distance at a quick glance in the few minutes you would have your wallet out.

The zippers run smoothly with no catching. The zipper pulls are the same canvas material and all the rivets/studs are neatly engraved.

The stitching for the zipper pulls do look a bit sloppy here but this is such a minor issue it's almost not even worth mentioning.

I think there may be a tad difference in the color of the zipper head and the zipper teeth. It has sort of a copper undertone to it which is barely noticeable in person. I think you'd have to be inspecting it closely to be able to see the difference in person.

The canvas is very thick and feels just like an authentic LV canvas.

The wallet seems to be slightly bent out of shape. There is a little slope in the center which probably occurred while in my bag as I have a tendency to carry a lot and it probably got squished a bit.

I believe this ring is for your keys or perhaps if you had a wristlet strap.

This wallet is a great size and big enough to accommodate your check book. This is the other side of the wallet. If you compare it to the pictures above you'll notice the stamping is in the same location but it is made with one piece of canvas so the stamping is upside down on one side.


This wallet has so much organization. There are 12 regular slots that will fit the standard credit cards and one very long slot.

One side of this wallet opens with snap buttons and they work perfectly :).

The stamping is a little faded. I really can't remember if it was like this when I first received it or if it faded over time. Either way it doesn't bother me so not an issue.

The buttons are all engraved.

Stitching on the interior is easier to see and appears neat for the most part.

You can see there are some stains on the zipper fabric that is probably caused by my fingers after applying make-up.

Here is a slide pocket. I'm not sure what the lining is made of. It looks like leather but probably not genuine leather. Most replica LV wallets I've purchased have PU leather lining.

The pocket is behind the credit card slots and there is one on both sides.


You can see the edges of the canvas are dirty but it looks worse in the picture than it does in person.

The gold finish on the zipper ends and the zipper teeth do show some tarnishing but you have to look very closely to see it so not a big deal to me and yes the authentic zippers tarnish too. I can't believe there are actually people out there who thinks that authentic hardware does not tarnish lol.

The date stamp is on the inside of the outer zipper compartment and as you can see is very neat but I can't tell you if these numbers actually exist.

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