Saturday, July 20, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Artsy Empriente Infinity MM from Joy

This review is for a replica Louis Vuitton Empriente Artsy MM Infinity from Joy of FabAAA submitted by a reader.

Carolyn, thank you for the review and I'm glad to hear you are happy with your bag. I bought this bag from Joy as well but there were a lot of things off with mine in my side-by-side comparison review with the Authentic bag. So it's good that you do not feel you had the same issues I did.


Carolyn's Review:

Hi everyone! I got my Louis Vuitton  Monogram Empreinte Artsy MM Inifini a few minutes ago from Joy and I am absolutely THRILLED. At first, I was not very inclined into doing a western union payment, but after reading all of these great reviews and after looking at Sarah's blog from the products she gets from Joy, I knew it all had to be real. Payment was sent out on the 9th, bag arrived on the 19th. Pretty wicked fast for over seas if you ask me. My empreinte is everything I could have ever asked for and more. The smell of the genuine leather, the louis vuitton marked brass is very sturdy and neatly written, the size is great and HUGE which is perfect for me. The material is not shiny, and it has the perfect consistency of black and blue just as the authentic infini is. Remember, louis vuitton does not make a BLACK Empreinte Artsy, the closest thing to black that they have is the Infini and Joy & team did an AMAZING job at replicating this bag. I am so so so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.

The only drawback of this bag is the stiff handle, but that was expected since I read up on many blogs of authentic ones having the same problem. It is just going to have to take time to break in since I heard that filling up the bag and leaving it on a door nob will leave huge cracks in the thick leather piece... Anyone else have ideas that can help break in my handle?

Also, can you keep my name on this first name only? Thanks Sarah :))

Attached are the pictures!

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  1. Well, congratulations! It seems that Joy has either changed suppliers for the Empreinte or the manufacturers themselves have upped their game.. The ones previously posted by Sarah was just horrid ... Hopefully they did the same with the Mahina line......