Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Replica Hermes Birkin Bleu Eletrique 35cm

WOW!!! Check out this FABULOUS Birkin from H2000H (Victoria's favorite Seller)! Victoria's amazing Birkin's have attracted a lot of new buyers for this Seller. They ought to start giving her commission lol......j/k. I know when you find a seller that has given you great products you want to send business their way as a form of gratitude. I do the same for those I feel deserve it so it's a win win for both because as many buyers as Victoria has sent their way it would be foolish not to continue to give her the very best for every purchase :).

Anyway, I know I've said this before that I'm not a huge fan of Birkins but I swear they are starting to rub off on me so that I've been checking them out on Joy's site as well as David of e2Pop and a few other sellers. H2000H is a bit out of my price range for replicas though if it was a bag I really really liked I think I may just make an exception for the quality. This bag is breathtaking! The color looks very similar to the Kelly I bought from Joy which is still one of my favorite bags and I continue to get people asking if I'd be willing to part with it but just not ready to do so yet hehe.


Nancy's Review:

Hi sarah,

I've sent you the pictures but am too lazy to type on my phone so I will just type the review here. 
This is supposed to be togo 35cm which is the exact same blue as the one in bkelly's review. I believe it's the Bleu Electrique one.

The first one is the photo the seller sent me before she packaged the bag. It's slightly lighter than the real color I would say. 

I apologize that the lighting of my pictures is horrible:( . In general I'm very happy with the bag. The leather feels very good, and the shape seems accurate. I didn't find any stiching out of place. There are 3 minor differences i see between my bag and bkelly's. 

1) the logo could be thicker? I think bkelly's logo seems to be thicker than mine even though they're suppose to be the same bag. 

2) The top part of the leather on the front seems to be more crooked than bkelly's photo. The seller says it will striaghten out more with use. It might be the case because after 1 day's use, it does appear to be more straight?

3) My lock is different.

In general, I would recommend the seller and I would buy from them again. After using this one for awhile, I think I may order either a red or  black one from them. 

On a separate note, is it possible for you to ask bkelly, or give me her contact, about the lock? I know that she said the factory sent her the wrong lock once. I want to know how to tell a bad lock from a good lock? My lock is actually pretty different from hers. 

Thanks so much for your help and for posting my review. Thanks. 


  1. Hi!
    Your bag is beautiful. The logo is great and neat and not thin at all. Authentic bags vary in the heat stamps. Some of my bag stamps are sharper than others. Your hardware is nicer than mine actually because its a much richer gold. I bought my bag either last year or the year before. As for your lock it looks like you got the better quality one. When I had an issue with my lock it was cheapest looking and feeling lock. Your lock does not look like the bad locks I got. How does it feel in your hand? I see what you mean about the top part. I never noticed that part on my bag but it will straighten with wear. You can try stuffing it and closing the straps when not in use kind of to keep things straight. Otherwise the bag is a beauty. I hope you enjoy it. I love the leather on your bag.

  2. Thx Victoria!! The lock feels ok to me so I guess I got the good lock! The only thing I'm concerend now is the top part of the bag that's abit crooked. We'll c how it goes after some wear. Thanks for your comments and thanks for your recommendation! OMG now i'm really hooked onto birkins!!!!

  3. That is IT! I am saving my pennies for this bag. I LOVE it. I wish I had gone with this seller instead of trying to save a couple of dollars. What a gorgeous bag.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    can you tell me how much do you pay for this bag??Please let me know. thanks