Friday, July 19, 2013

Replica Hermes Birkin 35cm Black w/Gold HDWR from E2POP

This lovely Hermes Birkin came from David of e2Pop.  David is on my Recommended Seller List and I believe he accepts Credit Cards for customers in the US. Unfortunately only Western Union for other countries due to some issues he had with international customers.

I posted this on our forum for one of our members who was having some issues uploading photos and wanted to share it here as well.


Aileen's Comments:

i just received my bag like yesterday or the day before (no clue, wasnt home haha)

but OMGGGGG it came in a box, that wasnt too smashed up and when i opened it, it was nicely tucked in the box which fitted JUST NICE

the bag smells of leather, no funky smell at all. it feels good to touch but i expected it to be less stiff. but im ok with it.

the stamping all looks great!!! but can someone tell me the dimensions of a 35cm?? because after all my junk in, i was like thinking: OMG WHY IS IT SO SMALL??? i thought it was quite big?? no??

i dont think david sent me the wrong bag. i hope not!!

and i am having troubles trying to upload pics from the comp!! it keep saying image invalid??? which shouldnt happen because i have uploaded pics here before.

omg i so want to share my love with you guys!! i will find a way!!!


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