Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Replica Guicci Indy Black w/Silver HDWR from FabAAA

Here's a bag that I have not seen reviewed before posted by Maja (one of the Forum Creators) on RLU for a replica Gucci Indy from Joy of FabAAA. She's so funny - she's always saying she's on a Bag Ban but then ends up buying more every time lol.

Anyway she wasn't happy with her last purchase from Joy and didn't think she'd ever buy from her again but could not resist the sale section. She's a great bargain hunter!

I'm so glad to see that she got everything she hoped for and now feels that Joy is a worthy seller to buy from again. I really feel that every seller has their days of sending not so great merchandise. Most of them purchase from a factory where the products are made by workers who have never seen what an authentic looks like.

At the end of the day they are just trying to meet their quota and get paid. So when a seller gets a hold of a bag that is not up to par they might try to exchange it to avoid customer disappointments but the factories are not always willing to work with the sellers so sometimes they just don't have a choice.

I know this doesn't make it right to stick the buyers with a bad product but I also feel that there are many buyers who are just too picky. Some expect the replicas to be able to do something even the authentic doesn't do so in those cases I don't take the reviews seriously because it is unrealistic expectations and just not fair to the sellers to be negatively reviewed over a flaw that is also occurring in the Authentic product itself.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Here is Maja's review:

Got it from Joy's sale section for $100 & it basically redeemed Joy!! Seriously, I was not going to buy from her any longer I had told myself and after getting this amazing bag I decided, no more LV canvas from her but her leather bags is a whole different story. To make it short and sweet: this is the BEST bag I've gotten from her! It's flawless and everything looks on point. I've carried it 4 times after getting it a few days ago already & it's gotten a lot of compliments. Yes it's small but I've only taken it out as a going out bag, not a daily errands bag. The leather is thick & smells amazing. Hardware good. LOVE IT... no other words.

TASSLES ARE NOW STRAIGHT WITH USAGE. These pics are when I took it out of the box. 


  1. OMG sarah I have something CRAZY to tell you:

    So I just received an email from Joy today about the trevi that i ordered from her.

    This is my first Western Union order and it was truly a nightmarish experience. It was suppose to be simple...I go to WU, fill out the order...give them my card...and they charge the order. Right?

    But no it wasn't like that, I had to jump through hoops and went to two WUs because the first one their computer had a virus right before finalizing my order (but after i swiped my debit card and confirmed it). I was told to wait while they fixed it. I waited for an hour before they told me i had to go somewhere else. I did and finished my order there.

    Today Joy sent me the email saying that she couldn't verify the information that i gave her. I called the WU and figured out that I had misspelled her last name. Ok simple and easy fix.

    I called the people at WU and talked to this guy who sounded REALLY high or drunk over the phone, I kept asking him to change the last name…which was so simple but he misspelled it AGAIN to "Zhou". So I had to hang up and try again with a different representative. The second time I called I had a nice lady who helped me out and fixed it for me. Ok good, no problems.

    So out of curiosity I called my bank to see my charges from WU and found out THAT THEY CHARGED ME TWICE on my account. So instead of being charged 164.00 I was charged 328.00.

    Ugh all this after I was repeatedly reassured by the representative that everything was fine.

    1. WOW, that is terrible! It seems there have been others with issues as well but I've never had a problem. I go to my local Kroger and it always takes just 10 mins. Last night I ordered online when I bought Jacky so I ended up paying a much higher fee but it was 2 or 3am in the morning so I didn't want to go out lol.

      I'm sorry this happened. I really wish Joy could take other payments but I really feel that pretty soon CC will no longer be an option for any of the sellers due to the increasingly strict regulations.

      You'll have to call them again and ask them to credit one of those charges and make sure the MTCN # you got is for the one that is not credited. Do not do a chargeback or they might get things even more mixed up and not allow Joy to pick up the funds. Also they might blacklist you from using w/u again if you do a chargeback. I know it's a pain. I hate that you had problems on your first time.

  2. I'm sorry to be ignorant here but what is a Chargeback? And once I found out that they charged me double I had to immediately freeze the account. I know you trust Joy and all but I don't know her and I don't want her to pull 328 dollars out of the account lol.

    Yeah this is frustrating me, but after I resolve this issue I probably won't be using WU again unless I really need to. Aliexpress takes debit so i feel I would be safer there.

    Also, are you saying that if i do a chargeback i would be blacklisted from Western Union or FabAAA?

    1. A chargeback is when you ask your bank to reverse the charge. W/U will credit you for it since it is their mistake. And Joy cannot take $ out of your account. She does not have access to any of your financial info. Only W/U can take the funds out so in this case it is W/U's fault. Trust me I've been on the receiver end of W/U before and you DO NOT get ANY info. You actually have to provide W/U with your ID to prove you are the person to receive the funds. My name has to match the name the sender used which is why Joy could not verify your info.

      They NEVER give me any info. Once I prove my identity they just give me cash and that's it for the receiver end.

  3. Ohhh ok, thanks a lot Sarah! I am on hold right now with the WU people. I am crossing my fingers and hoping everything pans out smoothly.

    1. LOL, I was just thinking that if I went to pick up $ and asked them to charge the sender more $ they would probably call the cops and arrest me hahaha.

  4. Lol Sarah.

    In my mind here is what i thought would happen with WU:

    I put 164 into a bucket. Bucket migrates to China with 164 in it. I found out that it wasn't 164 but 328 instead. Then I imagine evil Chinese seamstress digging her fingers into the bucket to find that i screwed up royally. She cackles evilly and recedes into the darkness never to be heard of again.

    1. Hahaha, funny! I also forgot to mention when you are the receiver not only do you have to prove your identity with 2 forms of ID but you also have to have the MTCN # which the sender gives you, the EXACT dollar amount, and if the sender also requires security questions the receiver must answer correctly. And if you send to China it means only someone in China with an ID that shows they are the person you are sending to can pick it up the funds. No one else can pick up and if just one thing is off they will refuse you. Like when you spelled Joy's name incorrectly they will not tell the receiver how it should be spelled only that it is not the correct name so the receiver has to go back to the sender for the correct info. It's very safe as long as you are sending to a trusted person. W/U has some pretty stupid people working for them but in the end they are not a scam company otherwise they would not be in reputable places like grocery stores and so widely known.

  5. Omg Maja I love this bag!!! Very chic, I saw a Chloe bag Joy has on sale now and I'm really considering getting it. Enjoy your new haul