Saturday, July 20, 2013

Replica Givenchy Pandora Medium Red/Orange Lambskin

Here is a review for a bag you don't see often. This one is from our forum creator, Maja, bagaholic who is on a Bag Ban - until her next purchase :).

I've never seen this bag before but the leather looks really good and it's nice to see some new bags once in awhile.


Maja's Review:

Just received my Givenchy Pandora Medium in red/orange ditressed lambskin from (the REAL) Jacky.

I paid $150 on June 29th saturday. He made 2 other items that were OUT OF STOCK & shipped on Tues night July 2nd with tracking. The items came July 8th.

It's BEAUTIFUL! The leather is very nice & soft & smells only of good quality leather, no chemical smells at all. There's no flaws that I can find in the crafting of this bag that I can see. The handles are sturdy at the attachment point to the bag, where all the weight is. IT looks dang good when I compare it to pics of the authentic. I have not played with the authentic in real life so I'm just going off of pictures. Also forgot to mention it's got an inside zippered pocket as pictured. Bag comes with Givenchy dustbag in white & booklet. There is a seriel number behind the inside Givenchy label. For $150 replica of a $2000 bag, I'm VERY pleased with this item

Sorry I am kinda rambling in the video. I hope it's helpful as there's basically NO other Givenchy review videos which talks about the functionality of this bag! Necklace is by Sarah, Purse-Princess.

Full album with large pics here:



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  2. Hi. Am very impressed with your purchase, the pandora. Could let me know where you got it from please? Thanks!

  3. Which website did you purchase this purse from?