Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Replica Celine Smiley Tote & Louboutin Pumps

Here's a great review for a replica Celine Tote and a pair of Louboutin pumps. Both items were purchased from Jess of 

Jess is on my "Recommended Seller List" and she has amazing customer service! She accepts credit cards, ships quickly and works hard to resolve any issues. There are very few sellers out there that are as honest and willing to work out issues even to the extent of losing $ on their end.

Her prices may be a little higher than a few others on my list but the quality of the products are great and the customer service alone makes it worth it!


Wendy's Review:

Hi Sarah, I really wanted to share with you and the readers my haul from Jess and Melody from fallinfashions2. I trust them completely.

I enquired on the quality of the Celine Luggage (incase it was too good to be true) and Melody assured me that it was top quality. Needless to say, she was right, this bag is everything and more than I can ask for in a rep.

The heatstamp is crisp, the stitching is impeccable and when I stuck my hand in the little pocket/mouth thing to feel the quality before looking at the interior, I wanted to melt because the leather was so buttery soft...!

Needless to say I'm one happy girl. Because of the shadow, the photos look like the S piping does not reach the side stitching, but for the ladies into the details who are asking, it does :) The dust bag is also thick and substantial.

Prior to this, I had bought a pair of Louboutins from Melody and Jess as well, the shoes are beautiful... for me, I was looking for a pigalle style, and when they arrived, I was really happy with the style, although I didn't even notice they in fact were Decolletes 554 until I was browsing through the TPF threads... see

I was none the wiser and was happy with what I had thought were pigalles anyways! to be honest, I reckon the shape is more sexier and easier to walk in.

The Louboutin stamp may not be as deep as the original at the red sole, but honestly, the style is on the spot for me... I had a look at the Loub. boutique and they are just on the spot, the heel, the shape, the toe "cleavage". The lining is leather also and slightly cushioned. The heels are 100mm Decolette 554 style, but are labled as 120 Pigalle's on Jess's website... I don't blame them for the mistake though, the style are REALLY similar.

I'd really really recommend the shoes if you are looking for style rather than the "Louboutin" look, (perfect branding on the item) Plus side: 100mm is easier to walk in than the 120mm!!

Jess and Melody are amazing, their customer service is top notch for me :)

Thanks for letting me share!



  1. Hi Wendy - thanks for the reviews! Do the pumps run true to size? thanks!

  2. The leather on Celine looks AMAzing! I just went to Niewan Marcus and saw this exact bag, only it was $2600!
    Congrats on a wonderful purchase. I'm waiting on a delivery from Jess of a Celine Trapeze, hope fully it will look as good as this.

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