Friday, July 12, 2013

Reader Review Replica Monogram Artsy MM

7/20/13 UPDATE: Unfortunately Evie does not know which seller this bag came from as she had purchased it from someone else.


The Artsy is one of the most popular LV bags so it comes as no surprise that I get a lot of reviews for them. I only wish I could get one as well but unfortunately this bag is just way too big for my petite frame. If they had a PM size I'd get one in a minute!

Anyway here are some pictures submitted back in April that I am just now getting around to posting. Goes to show how slack I am but better late then never lol.

She forgot to mention where it was purchased from, what she paid and if there are any imperfections so I'll send her an email and come back to update once I hear back from her.

There aren't many pictures or close up shots so I can't see all the fine details but based on these pictures the handle seems to be the only thing that could use some improvement. The handle on an Authentic Artsy is very firm but with a lot of the replicas there are some "waves" in the leather that makes it appear as though the vachetta is soft and it should actually look and feel very firm. I'm not great at finding the right words to describe but hopefully that makes sense.

I know some people think that the authentic handles do not wrinkle underneath but that's actually not true. I have seen one that I know for a fact is authentic and it does have minor wrinkling underneath. I think this comes with age and use. As the leather of the handle stretches to accommodate the weight it will curve more and cause natural creasing to the underside but the time it takes for this to happen will vary depending on how often it is carried and how much weight is being put in it.

If it is carrying a lot of weight on a regular basis chances are this will happen faster but probably still take a year or more of daily use to occur. This is only a guess on my part since I do not own this bag but the authentic bag I saw had a medium patina and appears to be several years old and used often.


Evie's Email:

Hi Sarah,

How are you? Hope everything is fine with you. I'm sending you some pictures of my Artsy monogram replica as I've promised a while ago. I love this sooo much that I've been using this almost everyday.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I'm just using my phone camera.



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  1. Yes please keep us posted as to where this was purchased from!