Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reader Comments Removed

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a FABULOUS Independence Day!

I spent mine at one of my blog readers home where we sort of had a purse party lol. Kathy had recently purchased a Chanel GST in Caviar Leather from Uncle Bench and wanted me to look at it and see how it compares to my Authentic Chanel Caviar Tote as well as some of my various replica Chanel at different price points.

We had lots of fun and I look forward to doing it again soon. Kathy is just starting out her collection and since we both live in GA we plan on buying together to save on shipping. We've got one with Joy and another with Luxury Wholesale. She wants to buy one bag every month until she's got a nice fat collection. Uh Oh, looks like I infected someone with my bag addiction :).

Anywhoo I feel bad that I haven't gotten much done during this time off. I blame it on all this awful rain. It is making me lazy and sleepy lol.

Now the main reason for this post is that I've deleted a few user comments and I want to explain why.

First of all any Anti Rep comments will ALWAYS be DELETED so please don't waste your time or mine because I really don't care how you feel. Keep those comments to yourself or better yet start your own blog and then you can rant about how wrong it is to buy replicas all day long 24/7 but please don't do it on my blog!

Now this weekend I deleted several comments from one particular user. She was commenting on Joy of FabAAA and how upset she was because she didn't get a tracking # or response after sending $ within 2 days. Obviously she has not purchased replica very often if she felt 2 days is a terribly long delay. Believe me it isn't.

I realize that not everyone has had a pleasant experience with Joy and in fact a few of them are readers who I've become friends with. Complaints of quality or lengthy shipping time are understandable but to complain of only 2 days is just ridiculous and I refuse to have a good seller's name tarnished over something so minor.

There is one other complaint where the user was concerned because it was her first purchase and she had already sent $ but hasn't received confirmation or responses to her email. This user contacted me and I advised her to give it some time because Joy has NEVER Not responded to any of my inquiries but you have to understand that sellers have lives too and many of the trusted sellers get tons of emails daily so it's understandable that some days it might take them awhile to get back to us especially if that seller works alone.

Anyway, this reader responded to me that Joy and her team has responded and cleared her concerns but she apparently forgot to come back and comment that this has been taken care of. I'm going to go back and post this on her behalf but I may have missed others.

If you post a concern about a particular seller and your concern has been taken care of by that seller please don't forget to come back and post an update otherwise it will appear badly for that seller and that's not fair to them.

Ok, that's all folks :).


  1. I can't seem to go on Joy's website, is it just me or is it not working? :(

    1. I've been on her site several times today and it works fine. Are you going to Her old site, was seized over a year ago so the new one is FabulousAAA. I've heard other people say the site doesn't work on certain devices. Try logging in via PC, laptop, iPad or iPhone and if you get the same results via multiple devices then she may be having some issues with her host.