Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Join Rep Lovers United Forum

Hey guys, Maja who is one of the Forum Creators asked me to share this on the blog for those of you who are trying to sign up for membership.


Maja's Email:

Morning Sarah! I read your post about members not contacting you about forum registration which they shouldn't!  Can you change your post to make sure they understand this:

The rules are right on the main page:

STEP 2 is to email US with their username & we approve it.  We only get a handful of LEGIT signups per day,,, most are automated SPAMBOTS that we have to delete/wade (about 150-200 a day)  through which is why it's important that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who wants to signup email us with their username & that's it.  Don't write a novel or some long intro, just put your username. It's too hard to wade through what are spambots & which ones are legit.  The rules are right there & when I get the emails I approve usually within 24-48 hours.  If they DON'T follow that simple rule then I have no idea if it's a legit human being or a spambot.

If they actually follow that one step then they get approved.

Maja's Email:

Kim's Email:


I apologize if I came off sounding like a witch yesterday. I should have made it clear that my message was more for those who were constantly asking the same questions AFTER I had already explained the process. With the amount of emails I receive daily it's no longer possible for me to respond to everyone so I got a little irritated with those that were being redundant.

I didn't mean to scare off those of you who were legitimately having issues.

So if you have any questions about membership please contact one of the two ladies above for assistance.




  1. Can someone help recommend a website for LV bandeau?

  2. Anyone know of this site is still open? Signed up and emailed the admin but no response on authenticating my username.