Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HERMAZ.com Possibly a SCAM!!!

8/1/13 UPDATE: I just posted an update about this situation here: http://purse-princess.blogspot.com/2013/08/hermazcom-scam-part-2.html


Hey Guys, just want to warn you NOT to buy from Hermaz.com. There are 2 forum members who purchased from them and have not received anything. And just a few minutes ago I received an email from another buyer who has also paid and now seller has completely stopped all communications.

I first heard about this site from a supposed "reader" who sent in a review of a Kiwi Birkin. I suspect this was a fake review sent in by the seller to promote their scam site because it was the ONLY Positive review I've been able to find for them.

Two of our forum members purchased from Hermaz because of this review. I feel terrible about this but please understand I have NO WAY to screen reviews! I do not know most of the people who sends me their product reviews (or even the sale/trade listings) so I have no way of knowing whether they are legitimate buyers or sellers trying to advertise their products.

Please keep this in mind when reading a review I posted for someone else. If I know the person who sent the review I will make note of this. Same goes for the forum. Anyone can sign up for membership and post fake reviews so you just have to look at the overall picture.

Here are a few things to look for though I have to say this is not a 100% guarantee.

1)  Is it a new member? (how long have they been a member and how often do they post)

2)  If they have posted before check out their post history to see if they join in other discussions.

3)  Do the pictures posted look more like stock photos?

4)  Does the review sounds more like an ad than a review?

5)  If boxes were included are they in too PERFECT condition to have been shipped from China?

6)  And lastly, as a precaution, you should never purchase from a seller with only a few reviews.There are too many other great sellers to buy from to take this risk.

And here is the email I just received:

Hi !
I love you blog!

My name is Fabyola from brazil.

I bought a bag (birkin 35 black silver hardware) from hermaz lee, I payed U$780,00 in  july/04/2013 and after, he don’t sent the bag for me and he don’t reply my emails anymore. I’m so sad about that! Can you help me?  ( If you know him, can you send him a email about this ? can you help me please?) Or write a review about that in your blog to tell everyone about that?

I think the price is a typo. She probably meant $780.00.



  1. I remember that "review"! I commented on it because as you just said the box looked way too perfect and the photos look like they were taken in the Ikea store in HongKong not in someone's bedroom in the USA. In the background the bedspread, pillows etc looked brand new and with starchy wrinkles you see in stores. I said something in my comment about the beautiful condition of the box as a hint. Just in case it was legitimate I didn't want to come right out and point out the things that were making me wonder.

    1. Thanks Kathy, looks like your gut instinct was right. Just sucks I found out too late.

  2. I'm sorry for that seller who was cheated. Now most of the sellers only accept western union about reps. It's really need do it with the trust seller. Now many seller on Wechat and there is no protect rule for customers both chinese and foreigners. I just heard that someone cheat people as he is the seller but he wasn't. So Need get the trusted seller not trust the stranger at the first time. Read other buyer's reviews is a good way for that.