Thursday, July 18, 2013

Authentic Artsy DOES Have Wrinkling on Handles

Hey guys, so I have said a few times that I have seen an authentic Artsy with wrinkles on the handle because a lot of you seem to think this doesn't happen on an Authentic Bag. Well this morning I Googled to see if I can find some examples and here is the type of creasing I saw at one of my husband's clients - the rich lady with a room full of bags.

I thought this happened from use but perhaps it was due to treatment like this lady idkbut my point is that it DOES happen to the real bags as well. However the creases on the authentics look different than what you normally see on a replica. They are more natural looking creases not lumpy like in a lot of replicas if that makes sense.


  1. The real questions is...would anybody even notice? Unless you are friends with a bunch of purse nazis...nobody would technically zoom up on your purse to check out the marks lol. My mother probably would though, because she is very nosy.

    1. No, it's not noticeable and I don't think it's terrible. I just wanted to dispel this myth and show you Auths have their flaws too. They aren't perfect by any means.

    2. That is so funny Vienna!

      Thank you Sarah! This is something I really wanted to see. I DO see the difference in the creasing in the leather surface of authentic bags and the lumpier /softer/bumpier creasing of replicas. I think all authentic Artsy handles wrinkle from what I have read on Purse Forum.

      Authentic bags aren't perfect by any means and they certainly don't wear perfectly either. When I hear people refer to expensive clothing or accessories as "investments" I cringe a little. No matter how well they are made, they are still consumables. They will eventually fade, degrade and fall apart. They can be an investment in happiness but a consumable will eventually need to be replaced. Still of all the authentic bags that tempt me the Artsy does the most. It is such a great looking bag.

  2. Yea my speedy has wrinkling as well but it still feels smooth. I know how can it feel smooth when it's wrinkled but it does, I think it's just cause it's dry. My rep DE speedy 35 from Sandy has it as well and it's like my auth, but my speedy DE 25 the wrinkling is lumpy but it's not that noticeable (I think, it doesn't bother me much lol)