Monday, June 24, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Evora MM in Damier Ebene

Here is another video that I posted awhile back and somehow deleted from my blog.

This bag was purchased from Joy of FabAAA. To date I still have not used it and have considered listing it for Trade several times but every time I pull it out I fall in love with it all over again lol.

I've actually posted a few bags for Trade and then afterwards regretted it so I'm being more careful to only do it when I know for sure it will never be used. And for this bag I am still undecisive so on what I should do with it. I really love this bag and it's a beautiful replica so maybe I just need to hang onto it for a few more months and if I still haven't used it by then I'll post it for Trade.

If you've already seen this video I apologize for the re-post. I was deleting some of the items in the Trade Section where the owner has not responded to inquiries and must have accidentally deleted some of my own posts.

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