Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Replica Hermes 35cm Birkin Epsom Leather Kiwi

Here is a lovely review by a new reader of her replica Hermes 35cm Birkin Epsom Leather in Kiwi! The leather looks amazing and the color is perfect for Spring and Summer, I LOVE IT!!!

Please NOTE: I do not recommend buying from this seller ( as they are currently having issues with lengthy shipping (up to 2+ months) and not communicating the status with buyers that have paid. I originally thought they were a scam however it is possible that they are just extremely slow which would have been ok if they at least keep their customers informed but they have been known to ignore messages from buyers requesting status yet are able to respond to new customers. You can read about it here: 

Part 1

Part 2


Ferrylle's Review:

I was always having a hard time on trying to find  a birkin bag online and I always ended up disappointed every time I get it in the mail. Sometimes I get a bag that doesn't even look like the picture on their website and I also got a bag with a super stiff leather. It's just crazy and a waste of money but I still want to have a good copy.

So I purchased a birkin bag in HERMAZ.COM which I thought it was a scam because they only accept money through western Union. So I paid a deposit for them to make the bag and after making the bag they will send you some pictures of it before sending it to you ( well you have to pay the rest of the money before they send it to you) so I did. 

It took 10 days to get the bag but it was totally worth it. I love my new 35cm Hermes Birkin in EPsom leather in kiwi. This is the most gorgeous birkin bag I've ever seen! I totally LOVE it. They are using the same leather. I would totally recommend this website. I would still want to buy from them.  I just ordered another one which is the Birkin in Epsom leather in lime color. So I can't wait for that bag!

Thank you Sarah for letting me share my great experience.


  1. Ferrylle's Birkin is gorgeous.. I'm wondering if she ordered the one in machine stitched or hand stitched.

  2. That is a beautiful bag. Just checked the pricelist and is still expensive but not like the real ones!

  3. Beautiful bag, went to the website to order, but no response?

  4. That is a gorgeous bag. You are lucky that the box made it here in such amazing condition. I want a box almost as much as I want a bag! You must really love green to buy two green Birkins! It is just lovely though.