Monday, June 3, 2013

HORRIBLE Celine Trapeze on AliExpress

On March 19th I purchased a Replica Celine Trapeze from Famous Brand Store on AliExpress, a seller I have never purchased from before.

The bag was originally priced at $130 with FREE Shipping but was discounted at 50% off so I only paid $65.00 including shipping.

I'm not a Celine fan but I thought that was too good a deal to pass up. The pictures were beautiful and the description states it is Genuine Leather. You can see the listing here:

I purchased the Burgundy Gray & Beige Color Combo. Well I received it today and it is one of the most HORRIBLE Replica I have ever seen! I've had some duds but this one takes the cake!

This bag is made of Plastic and it's not even good quality plastic. There are some faux leather that looks and feels nice, this one looks and feels like a damn plastic trash bag! There is no way anyone would mistake this bag for leather. Seriously I would not want this bag if it were given to me FREE!

It arrived in a dust bag that looks like it was made out of dryer sheets. Not only is the bag made of plastic but the construction was so poor: extremely bad stitching, loose thread and jagged cuts in the pleather (aka plastic leather). I didn't even bother to open it up to look on the inside. I just knew if the exterior looks this bad it can only get worse.

I was going to give it away to one of the ladies working in the warehouse at my job but the fact that the seller knowingly lied on the description really pisses me off. So I sent him an email to ask for a return address because I plan to ship it back. I realize the cost of shipping to China is probably going to eat up what I paid but it's the principal of the matter. If it was just the quality I would take it as a lesson and not buy from him again. It's not the first dud I've received and I've never bothered to return the others which I paid much more for but at least those sellers didn't outright lie. I refuse to allow him to keep my $ even if I have to pay more to ship it back.

I paid with my Visa but even if I disputed the charges I'd still have to ship it back to get a refund and I wouldn't get credit for return shipping. Thank GAWD I only bought that one bag!

I'll take pics before I ship it back to share but I wanted to warn any buyer from this seller.

I should have known the price was too good to be true but I purchased bags under $100 that looked great and I guess the Sale is what threw me off. I assumed the seller was trying to clear out old inventory.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SELLER! I can't believe he has a 93% Positive Rating. Whatever buyer is giving him good reviews has no idea what a good replica should look like.

I have never seen an authentic Celine bag since I've never been interested in this brand but I can tell it is a FAKE a Mile Away, just AWFUL!!!


  1. That sounds horrible Sarah, obviously this seller is not very honest. Your totally right how people gave good reviews they must not know what leather feels like.

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