Friday, June 28, 2013

Forum Member Concerns About Replica Seller BagSnob

UPDATE: I have never banned anyone until today! Clive Grant aka Cliff Gay aka Defunct aka BagSnob is now permanently BANNED from the forum and GOOD RIDDANCE!!! 
I have never paid this seller much attention until today after posting the email below from one of our members with a very legitimate concern. Afterwards I received numerous emails from members with complaints about him. Some of the members sent me links to several of his posts. I only read 2 of them but it was enough to have my ears ringing!

This seller has a major attitude problem - he is obnoxious, arrogant, condescending and just full of himself!  And for someone who is trying to come across as an educated, intelligent businessman the filth being spewed with all the F bombs he drops in every one of his posts makes me want to literally wash his mouth out with soap and water!
I never knew about any of this until today. If I had seen it sooner he would have been gone a long time ago! Apparently he is doing us all a favor by SELLING to us at outrageous prices and we as buyers are expected to fork over $1,000's in Cash without any assurances because we are supposed to just take his word for it when he tells us he is an honest seller. Any questions or concerns regarding his integrity is responded to with sarcasm, insults and aggressive defensive behavior, WOW!


A forum member sent me an email with some concerns she had about a new seller who seemingly appeared out of nowhere when he joined our forum by the username BagSnob. But she was afraid to post it on the forum in case her concerns were unfounded and she gets blacklisted. I don't think anyone should be afraid to ask questions or state their concerns for fear of retaliation but I understand her reasons.

I do not know Clive (aka Bagsnob). I've never purchased anything from him, never even heard of him until he joined our forum but I have to admit he is a talented and sometimes charming writer though I've only read one of his post.

He's a bit too mysterious for me and his prices are way more than I would ever consider paying for a replica no matter how good. This particular member was quoted a price of over $1,800!!!

If I'm spending $1,000's on a bag it better be Authentic lol. Yes, I realize Hermes bags are much more but there's no way I can't justify paying that much $ on a replica PERIOD so he's out of my price range but that's ok because I'm not a Birkin fan anyway which appears to be his specialty and fortunately there are plenty of other great sellers out there to choose from.

However, one thing that bothers me is a recent post from one of his customers (on the forum) who says he is asking her not to post pictures of certain details of the bag she purchased from him. In fact he asked her to send the pictures to him first so he can approve which ones she can post because he thinks there are "spies" on the forum who are stalking him to see pictures of his work so they can replicate his replicas, WHAT?!!!

I am sorry but that is a load of BS and can you say HYPOCRITE?! That is a HUGE turn off! If you are replicating Authentic bags what right do you have to fear others will replicate you? We have members posting their Authentic Birkin's yet his replicas are so great other sellers will be more interested in replicating his work than they are of the original brand, WOW!

Truth be told I think it is more likely he is afraid that posting detailed pictures of his products after making such high claims will attract the more knowledgeable ladies on the forum who has an eye for detail and will be able to spot flaws or imperfections, point them out and ruin the image he's trying to create!

But hey if those of you who have purchased from him are happy with the quality of your bag and feel the extra moolah is worth it than I'm happy for you, really I am!

Anyway here is the email I received because I feel it should be posted:



I am a forum member, and was considering buying a birkin from Bagsnob.

As he quoted me quite a price (1800+) for a bag, I decided to google around to see if there were any feedback about him.

I couldn't find any info on a bagsnob hermes seller or a clive hermes seller so I googled his email address to see if any buyers had been interacting with an hermes seller via that email.

I found nothing but these pages:!!! ... rum=sudoku

which led me to find out his alternative email address,

Which led me to this: ... apore.html

A Cliff G who is as of Feb 2013, a guest relations manager at a hotel in Singapore, and what's weirder, he as a guest relations manager, responded to a review written buy a person whose username is.. defunct.

I am extremely, extremely, confused, and am not sure if this is the same person, and if it's not, why he has this address. He does seem very knowledgeable about his Hermes products.

I wanted to post this in the forum, but was worried that if I have made incorrect assumptions, I would offend him and he will no longer sell to me.

I do want your opinion on this - and if you feel that he is not a good person, and is a conman with a silver tongue who has spent hours reading tpf hermes/chanel reference threads, I guess forum members should be warned? I don't know, I'm so confused!!! And what's worse, I really want a nice Hermes bag! Argh!


This is not the first time a forum member has contacted me with concerns but I don't know anything about Bagsnob so I couldn't give them any info and honestly I have no desire to research him because at those prices he's not ever going to be an option for me so why bother. But this is the first time that someone has done any research on him.


  1. Oh dear... I am in the process of ordering one from him. Now, I am concerned...

    1. Vainny, if you haven't paid yet I would cancel the transaction. I have seen exactly ONE review on this seller and at the prices he's asking that is a HUGE chunk of change to risk especially considering he only accepts W/U which is just like handing over a wad of Cash. There is absolutely NOTHING you can do if he decides to send you a DUD or worse send nothing at all!

  2. I agree. Now I'm having second thoughts. I haven't paid anything yet. Thanks for posting this up.

  3. Hi sarah can you ask the other forum moderators to approve my account please? Been waiting for a week...thanks :):):) please..

  4. Oh dear... Thank God I haven't pay him a single penny

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