Monday, June 24, 2013

Catty's New Website

Catty emailed me her new website but it's not up and running yet. She's working on getting it up by next week. I confirmed with her that she does still want to be listed on the blog and the forum. So if you like this seller do not be afraid to share her info with others.

One of our members sent me a post on Rep Bags Chat where they seem to think that because we are listing seller info freely in the open is the reason why sellers get shut down. Every seller on my list are aware of their info being shared publicly and are quite happy with the exposure. If ever they change their mind all it takes is an email and I will be more than happy to respect their wishes.

But up to date there are only 2 sellers that wish to remain anonymous: Jacky and Jessy Jade.

I have not listed anyone that doesn't want to be listed so please don't believe those silly girls. They just want to hog the info to themselves.

Here is Catty's new site domain:




  1. Set em straight girl!! Seriously, I have no clue how these "rumors" even start & they are more than annoying. lol. It's like.... ever heard of search engines?

    1. Yes it is so silly they feel that way. If they really had the sellers best interest at heart all they had to do was email the seller and ask them what they thought about having their site publicly posted and they would have gotten it straight from the horses mouth. I told the member who emailed me not to let things like that bother her. I have no problem respecting the sellers wishes but they are not the seller so who are they to demand we not share info when the seller wants it? What a bunch of idiots! If the seller is happy to have their info given which in turn brings them traffic, who are they to think we should keep our mouths shut.

      On another note, I had quite a laugh on a post one of our members sent me on TPF. Someone there posted that I am a scammer and all sorts of name. I would love to know who I supposedly scammed. She also posted that my blog and the forum is some kind of scam ring lol.

  2. Hi, any chance you can update Catty's website again?

  3. Hi, I am thinking of ordering from Jessy Jade... can this seller be trusted? Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Jessy Jade is wonderful. I have ordered many things from her. I am a customer for life!