Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Authentic Prada Sacca 2 Manici Tote Mod Shots

My employer and his wife went to Italy for their vacation a couple weeks ago. They just got back yesterday and they brought me back a souvenir - yes a handbag!

They went shopping at the Prada boutique and bought me a lovely Red Prada Tote. It was such an unexpected and pleasant surprise! They both know how crazy I am about purses so this was just the nicest gift they could have gotten me!

This is an authentic Prada made of Vitello Daino leather which I believe is a Pebbled Calfskin Leather. It is so soft - like a pair of really good quality leather gloves!

I was trying to find this bag online so I could give the correct name when I do a review but I couldn't find it so I called the Prada here in Atlanta and gave them the Item # on the Card it came with but the SA I spoke to told me it didn't have a name. That's weird. Sometimes I wonder if those sales people know much more than I do lol.

She said this particular style is only sold in the Italian market and isn't available here in the US. I know it's a gift and I'm not supposed to know what they paid for it but I like to include prices in my review when possible because it's the first thing "I" look for when I read other people's review so of course I had to ask (plus I'm nosy too lol).

I was told this bag retails for $1,395, ouch! I feel bad they spent that much money because I would have been just as happy with a great replica from one of my favorite sellers. It was very generous of them so I will treasure it for a long time.

Jay/Barbara, if you read this I want to tell you again: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE MY NEW BAG!!!

So since the SA couldn't give me the name of the bag I'll just put down what it says on Info Card it came with. The card says this is a "Sacca 2 Manici", Item # "BR4970, Colour "Rosso".

Anyway, I brought it to work today and snapped a few pictures the moment I walked in the door. I know, I'm such a goof!

My LV Candy Bag Charm looks great on this bag too :). If you like the charm I got it from Vanco Fashion. Be careful if you decide to buy from them. Their customer service has really gone down the hill so I would try another seller first and only use them as a last resort.

Now as you can see in the pictures this bag is pretty big on me. If it was any larger I wouldn't be comfortable carrying it and that would have been a shame. But it's actually the perfect size for a work bag. I can carry all my daily essentials, a small laptop, iPad and probably still have room for more.

In fact I think I will make it my daily work bag for those days when I carry a smaller bag I will bring it in as a back up for the things that don't fit.

I'll be sure to do a detailed review of this bag when I have time but it's probably going to be a long while before I get to it. I am really behind on reviews.

So many bags and only time on the weekeends to work on them. Plus it takes me so long to do each review but I think in the long run you all would appreciate it more. If you can't see and touch it in person, the next best thing are pictures and videos :).


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    Sarah! LOVE the Prada & LOVE the red color! I need a bright red bag like that! Enjoy it lucky girl

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  6. Holy cow! What an amazing gift. You must be a very valuable employee. :). And the bag is gorgeous!

    1. lol, I'd like to think so but I think it's more that I have great employers who really take good care of me. Without them I wouldn't have the $ to feed my bag addiction :).