Friday, June 7, 2013

Angela of Wholesale Bags on AliExpress

I've purchased several Chanel bags from Angela Lee of Wholesale Bags on AliExpress and have been happy with most of them. My last purchase with her was on May 19th for 2 more Chanel bags. I purchased from 3 AliExpress sellers that day and have received all my orders except hers.

Her shop terms says she ships within 5 days and it seems she waits until the very last day to ship because both time I've ordered from her I get a tracking # on the 5th day where she has to ship my order or issue a refund. This is her policy not something I demanded of her. When a seller sets up shop they have to provide their shipping time and AliExpress makes sure they adhere to it by forcing them to provide a tracking # by the set time or reversing the charges.

On May 29th, 10 days later, I receive an email from Angela that one of the bags I ordered is out of stock and she has been unable to find it at any of the other factories she works with so she asked me to pick another item and for the inconvenience she would send me a free pair of sunglasses.

I was not happy to hear this. Not because I'm concerned that I wouldn't get my order but because she marked it as shipped and gave me a fake tracking # so she could avoid having to refund the purchase.

I asked her to cancel both purchases and I'll place a new order when I have time to look. The reason for this is because there is a countdown on AliExpress. After a certain # of days you can no longer file a dispute and with the order being marked as shipped 10 days ago I am already 10 days out and a free pair of sunglasses do not make up for being dishonest.

I am a very patient buyer. I can wait up to 2 months so long as the seller keeps me posted on the status because I understand that issues can and do arise unexpectedly. It only gets frustrating when the seller gives you the silent treatment while you wait or in this case tell you they've shipped your order when they haven't.

If she had been honest about the item not being in stock I could have extended her shipping time to allow for more time while I look for a replacement. But once the seller marks your order as shipped you no longer have the option to do this.

She replied the next day that I should NOT cancel the order. I should just tell her which item I want to replace it with and she will ship it right away.

That really got on my nerves because I did not have time to jump in her shop and find something right away. I wanted to wait until I had time and go through her shop at my leisure and then ask her to check stock before purchasing again. I should have done this in the first place.

So I sent her a 2nd message through the AliExpress Messaging System to please cancel both items because I am NOT comfortable with her giving an inaccurate shipping date and tracking #.

She replies again the next day asking if I want to only cancel the bag not in stock and she can ship the other. I've already told her twice now to cancel BOTH orders. So I sent her a 3rd message with the same request. How hard is it for her to understand Cancel BOTH Orders???

She stopped replying after this. I waited 3 days for her response and when I got none I filed a dispute with AliExpress and am now awaiting to see what happens.

I saw no reason for me to wait to file a dispute. She's already admitted she can't get the bag not in stock and that she hasn't shipped the other one so by her own shop policies she should have already refunded my order on the 6th day.

Now I know why some of my readers are complaining that their tracking #'s are not updating. I know EMS is really bad about updating their system but it appears that isn't always the case. I think she printed a label in advance and didn't ship out the item until days or even weeks later. There is one buyer whose shipping stayed static for 10 days. Then on the 11th day it shows up like it just got dropped off or picked up.

If the refund comes through I will buy from her again but I think I'm going to look to other sellers first. The low price is not a good enough incentive to put up with a seller that lies to you and then doesn't want to refund your $. Not good!

I will keep you posted on the end result. If she doesn't voluntarily issue a refund I am not going to buy from her again and I may remove her from the Seller List.

I just wanted to share my experience in case you are thinking of ordering from her.




  1. thanks for the info, on this coming monday it will be three weeks from the shipment date for my order from wholesale bags, with no updates on the ems site, just a message that says "no tracking info for this number, or overdue tracking"

    i've been patient, but i was beginning to think that she may have given me a fake tracking number, i still have nine days to file a dispute so i think i'll wait it out til then...

    lets hope for both of our sakes that aliexpress's "buyer protection" works out

    good luck!


    1. Hi Olivia, you've been very patient indeed. Most buyers would be having hysterics by now lol. I'm not too concerned about AliExpress Buyer Protection. If they don't come through with the refund I can file a chargeback with my CC as long as I do it in 45 days.

      I only disputed on AliExpress to see how their system works. This is the first time I've ever disputed an order on their site so I wanted to see if they actually do protect their buyers.

      Good luck with your order as well and don't wait too long to file a dispute. It's a good thing that AliExpress accepts CC otherwise with W/U or moneygram we'd have been out of luck if she refuses to ship or refund.

    2. I went ahead and disputed my order earlier today, Angela insists that my bag was shipped and extended my time to file a dispute ten days more...
      I then cancelled the dispute and am going to continue to wait!

      we'll see!

  2. I ordered from her month ago. Also had an issue with the S/H. She wasn't helpful. I asked her to Emil me the copy of the shipping label, she was not even able to fulfill this simple request.

    Thanks again for all your time & effort! I really enjoy reading your blog! You are awesome!


    1. did you ever receive your items?

    2. Hi Chloe, thank you for commenting! Did you ever get your order?

  3. I did receive the bag, but it took more than 3 wks.

  4. I just ordered from her on the 30 th and the tracking number is still not working I'm so disappointed

  5. Ahh, this is so typical Angela! My first order from her was like that too. She sent me tracking after like 5 days, but for a week or so, there was no news from her. One day (after like a week later), she sent me message that one of my bags are not in stock & asked me to pick other color. I picked a different one, and it took her about 3 days to drop my package to EMS. The bag then arrived about 6-7 days later. The whole experience was kinda weird, AND... after I got the bag, it was supposed to be a m/l classic flap lambskin, but it has stitching on the flap/lock. I gave her 2 stars rating, and she sent me continuous messages through email & Aliexpress message center to have me change the rating for her. I told her no, if she wants to me to change my rating, I want the correct bag sent to me first. I ain't shipping back my bag to her first. I even offered her to pay the shipping to return it AFTER I get the correct bag from her. She won't budge and kept sending me messages & emails "please change feedback for me", OMG SO FRIGGIN' ANNOYING! lol! So at last, I sent her a message saying that I wanted to do more business with her but she's making it SO difficult. I won't change my rating if I'm not getting the replacement bag first. And so, that's it. She messaged me again saying that she can't send it first because it's the factory policy, blah blah.. 'would you do it if you're the seller?', and after that statement, I gave up on her. I ignore her messages & emails, and so my rating stands. 2 stars is good enough. I should've just put 1 star! lol!

  6. I also ordered from her and the tracking number said not valid for 2 weeks I was so frustrated !! I would email her and her reply would be dont worry and that's it!! Finally the third week the tracking number worked

  7. I also received it a few days after the updated ems information but was disappointed it took so long and her lack of communication

  8. just an update! I waited three weeks from the date that my order "shipped" (the day i received my tracking number) until i decided to despite the order, Angela messaged me and was stern that she shipped the bag and extended my time to dispute the order by ten days.
    Finally two days after the dispute was filed i was able to track my package, which makes me think that it certainly wasn't shipped when she said it was.
    I just got the bag today, one month and three days after i ordered it, I'm rather happy with it, I got the black maxi double flap w/ gold hardware and red interior.