Sunday, May 19, 2013

Victoria's Hermes CDC Bracelet

I don't get very many Jewelry reviews so this was a nice surprise. It is a lovely Hermes CDC Bracelet purchased from her favorite seller where she has purchased many of her fabulous Birkins.

I think it is GORGEOUS Victoria! Unfortunately I have the world's smallest wrist and have yet to find a bracelet that fits me unless they are custom made or adjustable to child size lol.


Hi Sarah!

I want to share a my new purchase from my seller I received today.

This is hermes CDC real shiny croc BRACELET. I ordered this bracelet last week and it arrived yesterday. It was packaged beautifully.

I was amazed when I opened it. Here are some photos judge yourselves. I am in love with it. I paid 200.00 for it.


  1. Hi there! I'm awaiting my username approval but taking a chance you may be willing to provide me with the seller of your awesome CDC alligator bracelet. I would like one in silver and black - would you be willing to share that information with me please? My e-mail is I thank you in advance..rock that bracelet girrrrl!

    1. Hey Darrin, the seller is H2000H. Their website is listed in my seller list.

  2. Thank you so much - I am waiting to hear from them as we speak - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    p.s. when I go to the H2000H site it comes up as HermesJPG - is this the right/same place?