Sunday, May 5, 2013

Replica Prada Saffiano Cameo Tote from Joy

5/6/13 UPDATE: This bag has found a new home. Thank you to all those who expressed an interest!


This is a review of a replica Prada Saffiano Tote from Joy. I purchased this bag for my employer on March 7 of this year so it is almost 2 months old. Previously I mentioned it was barely a month. I apologize for the discrepancy. It's hard to remember sometimes.

Before doing this review I logged into my FabAAA account to see when it was purchased so I can get an accurate date and amount paid. It was $142 plus $73 shipping for 3 bags total. 2 of the bags were for her and one for myself so did a combined purchase and split the cost of shipping and the W/U fee.

I purchased this exact bag on January 23rd and I absolutely LOVED it!!! If you have not read the review for MY bag you can do so here:

Anyway, my employer liked my bag so much she asked me to get one for her on my next purchase but we had to wait until after the Chinese New Years to get it. She also got a Neverfull GM with this bag and I got the Cabas Rivington which I still have not yet reviewed.

Even though both our bags came from Joy they were purchased from 2 different factories. When I purchased the 2nd one, Joy informed me that the factory where she got mine was sold out but she did have a back-up factory that she can get the same style however she was concerned because I had mentioned that this is for my employer so she is much more selective than I was and I wanted the best possible. So she suggested I pick another bag but I know my employer really wanted this bag so I told Joy to go ahead and buy it from the back-up factory but to check it carefully and as long as it looks similar to the one she sent me we would both be happy. I sent Joy the link to the review for my bag so she or her team could compare the bag with the pictures before shipping.

I recently discovered that Joy is actually in the U.S. so her team does the shipping. So she doesn't actually get to look the bags over herself. I believe I dealt with Cindy when this bag shipped but Joy agreed to have the bag checked before shipping.

It took just over a week to arrive and my first impression when we opened the package was that there was something different. I wish I had mine with me so we could compare side by side but I didn't so I had to go by memory. I remember telling my employer that her logo on the outside had the gap between the top curve and the leg which is what the Prada Logo is supposed to look like and mine did not so that was a point for her. But I felt there were a few other minor things that may be different from mine, just couldn't put my finger on it without seeing them together. But all in all we both though the bag looked nice and she was happy with it so that was all that mattered.

Well recently she went to Neiman Marcus to see if she could compare the bag and could not find it in the store. I have been fortunate to have been able to see it in person but I don't know which store she went to and inventory changes not to mention this particular bag comes in many different colors and at least 2 different sizes that I know of so I think that made her uncomfortable and may be the reason why she decided she didn't want it anymore.

So I told her I would "Trade" it out for her and luckily one of my dear reader, who has also become a dear friend, snatched it without even waiting for me to post the pics lol.

I took TONS of pictures, over 600!!! However, I only kept 152. I selected the clearest pics and those that shows the most accurate details meaning I DID NOT select pictures that make the product look better than it really is but prefer those that show "Real Flaws" that most sellers try to hide.
I spent over 2 hours taking these pictures and another 3 hours just going through them and selecting the ones to keep, cropping, resizing, renumbering etc..
So without further delay I am going to show you tons of detailed pics of the bag by itself and at the end I'll show you my bag and her bag side by side. I was very surprised to see that there were quite a few differences. It was not very noticeable with the naked eye but with the close-ups and super sized enlarged detailed close ups you can see every tiny difference but keep in mind the flaws/imperfections you see are nowhere near as bad as they look. I just have a great quality camera that will pick up every single spec of dust so this is both good and bad. GOOD because you can see everything but BAD because it makes flaws look 10 times worse than they are in reality.

First we'll start with the pictures of just the bag being reviewed. This is the front of the bag. I wish I had taken the time to measure it but I had shipped it 2 days after the pictures were taken and completely forgot to do this. I don't think I ever measured mine either but this bag is slightly bigger than mine and since I did not get to do a live comparison with the authentic I do not know which is closer to the correct size.

The hang tag is turned the wrong side here. The color of this bag is described as "Light Pink" on Joy's site. But the true name for it is "Cameo". I would describe it as "Blush Pink". It is somewhere between a pink and a beige color. It is a very feminine color and perfect for Spring or Summer.
I must warn you that some of the pictures are blurred. When I click on the "menu" button on my camera to look at something it goes back to the default settings which has this blur effect that looks great for people pictures but not so great when you are trying to show details. It zooms in on a specific area which will be clear and everything else gets blurred. I had over 100 pictures that were like this and deleted most of it but had to keep some because I no longer have the bag to re-photograph those areas so I apologize for those pictures.

The name tag on this bag is very small and the "R" does have a gap in between the top curve and the legs. But the gap is not quite as deep as it should be. However mine did not have it at all. But the tag is so small you really can't see it unless it were inches from your face or looking at it through a magnifying glass :). It is centered and aligned and the stitching looks great here. The gold is consistent with the rest of the hardware.

Here's a close up of the hang tag - the correct side :).

And here is the other side. As you can see it is not as neat as the front side.

This is the bottom Left Corner from the front of the bag. There is some pulling here. There are pulling on all 4 corners of the bottom and all 4 corners of the top as well. Some are worse than others but remember the pictures are enlarged so in person the pulls do not look as bad as they do in the photos. Mine had pulls as well and you'll see the comparison of mine and this bag later.

I wish I had taken the time to check the corners on the authentic bag when I was examining it to see if it too had pulls. I know several of my Authentic bags do have pulls on the corners so this is not necessarily a sign of a bad rep. Also the bag feels nice and tight. I do not believe it will pull apart easily as some people seem to think due to the pulling.

Same corner here. Just wider shot to show more piping going upwards.

This is the middle section of the same side. You can see there are color variations from picture to picture. These pictures were taken at 10pm on a weeknight with 3 artificial lights so some are very yellow. I tried to brighten up some of the darker pictures and take out some of the yellowing but it is nearly impossible for me to get the colors to look true to the actual colors and even if I could do it I still have to consider that it may show up differently on your screen anyway.

This is the bottom Right Corner still on the front of the bag.

This is still the same as the above but showing more piping. There is a pull on this corner too but you can't really see it here. You'll be able to see all corners clearly in some of the later shots.

Still on the same side but this is the middle of the bag on the Right side from the front.

This is the bottom of the bag from the front.

This is the top Left Corner from the front. The stitching is inconsistent in size and is sloppy on the corners. Here you can see it is double stitched. Some of the stitches are smaller and some are longer. There is hardly any pulling on this corner. You can see a tiny pull but in person it will appear tight.

Here is the top Left Corner on the front. The slit on the top left is just silly in my opinion. I took my hang tag off because but I've seen some people put the tag into this slit for a different look.

There appears to be some slight discoloration on this bag and I also found a slight tarnish on one of the zipper. I don't know how often this bag was used but I've only seen it carried to work once. My employer has many other bags so I doubt it was used more than a few times. I believe whatever discoloration on the leather or hardware was there when she got the bag. I know I have had bags that arrived with signs of wear. I think this comes from having been handled by multiple people while in production and afterwards stored in a warehouse that probably was not kept well sealed.

The next 3 pictures are all of the Left Handle from the Front of the bag.

This is the top Right Corner of the front of the bag. You can see the pulling a little better here.

The next 4 pictures are all on the front of the bag showing various parts and angles but all in the same area which is the top Right corner and the handles area.

This is the Right Side of the bag with the buttons snapped closed. Personally I like the shape best with the buttons closed but it does not allow for easy access so I have been finding myself leaving it unsnapped when in use and snapped when it is set down.

The handles are sturdy and can stand up straight or lay down against the bag.

The top stitching on the sides are a bit sloppy. You can see how some of the stitches are quite long and there are a few double stitching.

The following 8 pictures are still on the same side of the bag showing different areas and some close up of details with and without the buttons snapped.

Prada is engraved twice on the Right button shown here. The left side is NOT engraved.

Here is the back side with the handles standing up.

Back side with the handles laying down.

Close up of the bottom Left Corner of the back of the bag. The pulling here is very slight and not noticeable in person.

The next 3 pictures are all from the same side just moving upwards to show different parts.

The pulling looks the worst here but I honestly do not feel it is bad in person. Like I said the pictures look worse because they are magnified to show details.

This is the bottom piping on the back of the bag. The 4 pictures starting with the one below are all from the same side shooting from Left to right to show all parts of the bottom.

This is still the bottom of the bag but here we are at the Right corner which does have some pulling but hard to see at this angle. There are other pictures that will show a more clear shot.

The 2 pictures after the one below are from the same side moving upwards to the Top Right Corner of the back side of the bag.

Here we are back to the top Left Corner of the bag on the back side. This picture shows a little more area than the one shown previously.

Here is the top Middle of the back of the bag. The stitching appears even on all flat surfaces but becomes sloppy on corners and handles.

The next 4 pictures starting with the one below are all from the back side of the bag towards the Right side which includes the handles both up and down.

Here we are back to the top Right Corner still on the back side of the bag lol. I took sooo many pictures it was inevitable that I would have repeats of some areas but I though it was better to keep some multiples of the same area just to show you the color variation and also one picture might show a detail that is missed in the other and vice versa.

The gold D rings holding the handles feels substantial. I feel fairly good that it will hold up well as long as you do not overload it on a daily basis like "I" tend to do with all my bags lol. Thankfully I have plenty of bags to rotate frequently so they only get loaded a few times a year. And aside from my tendency to overload them they are otherwise treated like precious jewels regardless of authenticity :).


This is the Left Handle of the back of the bag. I was trying to keep the pictures in order but it becomes difficult to do when I take so many pictures and continually keep the bag turning all around during the photo shoot so sometimes the pictures I end up keeping are out of order.

This bag has one large main compartment and 2 large zipper compartments on each side. All zippers run smoothly with no catching.

This is the other side of the handles. The next 6 pictures (starting with the one below) are all from the same side handles but showing different parts and varying angles so you can see all the little details.

Here's a top view of the handles. They are rounded and although this bag did come with a removable long strap (my employer threw it away along with the dust bag) the short handles can still fit over your shoulders if you are petite and slender like I am. I was able to put it over my shoulders although it does not feel comfortable that way and didn't look great either. The handles are best hand held or placed on the crook of your elbows.

Ok, so here are some of those "blurred" pictures I warned you about earlier. It targets one spot to be clear and blurs out the rest of the picture. This is a very cool feature when you are photographing a person and want the background blurred but since my purpose was to show detail this was definitely unintentional. I would have just deleted them all but I no longer have the bag so I can't re-photograph those areas and there were like 100 of these pictures :(.

There are going to be a lot of close up pictures of the zippers starting with the one below. I knew it was going to be hard to get a clear shot so I took tons to be on the safe side and good thing I did cause so many of them had that awful blur effect to it.

All the zippers are engraved with Prada Milano on both sides. There are 2 exterior zippers and one on the inside of the main open compartment.

There is a slight tarnish or discoloration on the zipper head on the Right shown here. It is not really noticeable in person unless you were looking right at it. I didn't see it until after I saw the pictures.

The discoloration is only a small spot on the top middle section of one of the zipper head but to me it appears like it got scratched. I think the hardware are gold plated and somehow it got scratched and the metal underneath is possibly copper?

Here is the Left Side of the bag with the buttons snapped. I think this is the side that will not stay snapped when in use. The magnetic buttons here are weaker than the other side. The other side seems fairly strong but this side will unsnap on it's own while in use. It is actually stronger than many of my other bags with magnetic buttons but not strong enough. This is an unfortunate but very common issue with replicas.

The following 7 pictures starting with the one below are all on the same side just from different parts and close up of certain details with and without the buttons snapped.

You will notice that on this side of the bag the button on the Left is engraved and the one on the Right is NOT engraved. It is the opposite on the other side.

Here is a top view of the bag with  the zippers closed. As you can see the opening is too narrow to reach in with the buttons snapped. This is why I leave them unsnapped when in use to avoid the hassle of unsnapping and re-snapping whenever I have to reach in for something.

Here is a top view with the buttons un-snapped. The bag is flexible so it will expand to the full length of the width of the sides.

This is the same picture as above but I wanted to show you how the color differs and this is taken under the exact same conditions (i.e. same night, same lights, same position etc.) so I have no idea why there is such a huge difference in color. It is just so strange why it doesn't stay consistent.

This shows both zippered compartments open. The interior is lined in the signature Prada fabric lining which has the words "Prada" repeating on every other line. This is true of an  authentic bag.

This is the interior of one of the zippered compartment. Keep in mind it was very dark so I had to lighten up the picture which caused further color variance.

And here is the interior of the other zippered compartment. Sorry but I didn't keep track of which is which.

The following 8 pictures, starting with the one below, will show you the upper part of the interior of the main compartment all the way around. The picture below shows a D ring which is meant to hold the removable long strap. There are 2 of these rings on opposite corners of the bag.

Here's a view of just the main compartment which features a small open pocket and one zipper compartment. This bag has a total of 5 compartments/pockets. 1 Main open compartment, 2 Main Zippered Compartments, 1 small open pocket and 1 medium zipper compartment.

This is the small open pocket. I did not test this out but I believe it is big enough to hold your iPhone. I have a Verizon LG Chocolate phone which I keep in a Louis Vuitton Monogram case and like to put mine in one of the main zipper compartment :).

I know, I know, I am like the only one who doesn't have an iPhone lol. I don't like talking on the phone and I absolutely HATE texting. It is the reason why I keep my phones turned off most of the time. I wish I could also turn my phone off at work. Seriously I hate using the phone unless it is an emergency. The only reason I even bother to have one is for emergencies.

Here is a close up of the zipper on the interior of the main compartment.

The engraving on all zippers are nice and crisp, not too deep and certainly not faint. They are also centered and evenly aligned.

The small open pocket is too small to pull out so this is as much as I could photograph.

I've pulled the lining outside for better viewing of the stitching and pattern. I'm not positive but I believe the lining on this bag is slightly thinner than the one on my bag but not by much.

There is a very slight fraying on the corner of the inside open pocket. This is hardly visible in person as it is a very tiny spot. Stitching on the inside is decent all around. They are good for the most part but the biggest issue I find is that the stitches are not the same size. However considering some authentic bags are also inconsistent I do not consider this to be a flaw.

There is a stitch on the top Left corner of the open pocket that needs to be snipped and a drop of glue is probably a good idea to keep it from coming loose any further.

The zippers are thick and substantial. They are not the cheap, light & flimsy metal that are used by lower grade replicas.

Here is where you can see that the middle part of the zipper head is discolored. This is such a tiny spot I really doubt you'd be able to see it in person. I certainly didn't until I saw these pictures.

The interior logo is not correct but thankfully it is on the inside and can only be seen by you. Recently I have read on the forum that not all Prada Logos have the gap in between the top curve and the leg. I read that older models (vintage) did not have them.

I tried to confirm this with Prada by sending them an email but the response I got back asked me for pictures of the bag along with receipt. I'm guessing they do this to discourage rep makers from getting info to replicate their products.

This is the inside of the zipper compartment inside the main open compartment.

The following 8 pictures starting with the one below shows the bottom of the bag. The first picture shows the whole base and the 7 pictures after shows each corner and shots all around to show all areas of the base up close.

There are 4 metal protective feet that are all engraved with Prada twice. This is the top Left corner.

Top Middle of the base.

Top Right Corner of the base.

Middle of the Right side of the base.

Bottom Left Corner of the base.

Bottom Right corner of the base.

Middle Left side of the base.

The following 4 pictures shows the 4 corners of the bottom.

This corner appears to have some discoloration along with the pull. I don't know what that is and didn't notice it while I was photographing the pictures. Since I am just now looking at the pictures the and I no longer have the bag I can't look at it to see what it is or what might have caused it. I'll see if I can contact the new owner and find out if she can determine what it is.

Here's a top view of the front of the bag lying flat on it's back.

The edges of the name plate appears to be slightly soiled. I am fairly certain the bag arrived this way since it is barely 2 months old and my employer does not abuse her bags. But thankfully this tag is very small and considering the soiling is on the edges which can only be seen from this angle it should not be visible. I never even saw it when I inspected the bag.

The next 2 pictures show the bottom of the tabs that are connected to the handle. The have some light soiling as well.

Top view of the back side of the bag lying flat.

The next 2 pictures show the bottom of the tabs that connect to the handles on the back of the bag.

One of the handles has slight wrinkling on the underside. I don't remember if mine had any. I took more detailed pictures of this bag than I did with mine mainly because it is for my employer so I had to do my very best :).

This is the same handle as the one above but from the other side.

Now here is the other handle. As you can see it is smooth with no wrinkles. Very strange.

The next 2 pictures are of the same handle as the one above but from different angles or spots.

And here are the comparison pictures. My bag is on the Left. You can see that mine is slightly smaller and the color is off as well. Even though I did see the authentic bag in person I cannot be sure which of these 2 bags are closer to the authentic. I believe color wise the one on the Right is closer.

The handles on my bag are also shorter. I didn't measure them but it appears to be about an inch shorter than the one on the Right. I actually would have preferred the longer handle.

From the back they look almost the same size. But again you can definitely see the difference in the handles and the color of the bags.

The texture is also slightly different. My bag is always on the Left in all the comparison pictures to avoid any confusion. It appears that the texture on my bag is more pronounced. The piping is slightly smaller on my bag as well.

The zippers appear to be the same size although in this picture the one on the Right looks like it has a scratch or perhaps it is a reflection of something.

The gold hardware are not an exact match. I think mine is a darker gold. And there is a huge difference in the edging on top. Mine is thin and appears more consistent. The one on the Right is thicker and looks sort of rubbery. It is also inconsistent in thickness.

Although I can't say I am 100% positive, I do believe mine is more true to the authentic in regards to the edging. I never even thought to look here for any variation. I just assumed they were both the same so it was shocking to discover these differences. I didn't even see them during the photos hoot so it wasn't until I started looking through the pictures that I noticed the variations in the pictures where they are shown side by side :/.

The base of the bag appears to be the same length and width. The studs are also the same size. However, the studs on my bag still has plastic caught under. The one on the left were all removed. My employer must have either spent some time removing them or they were not as sticky as mine.

In regards to the pulling. My bag has more pull than hers on most corners. But I am very happy with it and the pulls do not bother me because they are very small in reality.

Also it appears in this picture the engraving on the foot studs are larger on my bag and smaller n hers. I prefer them larger but I don't know which is more accurate in comparison to the authentic.

In this picture the color difference is less noticeable. The pull is about the same here. Well maybe mine has a tad more thread showing but hers has that weird discoloration.

This is the front of the bag but showing opposite sides. My bag is showing the top Left side while her bag is showing the top Right side but both are from the front. Obviously this was the only way I could put them side by side and keep them both on the front.

Here you can see the pulling is slightly worse on mine because there is a larger gap. But the stitching on mine is slightly neater here. Not by much though.

And here is the hang tag side by side. I put them on top of each other and they are the exact same size and thickness. However the gold color is off. Hers look silver in this picture but that is only a trick of the lighting. Both are gold but mine is a darker gold color.

In conclusion I have to say I like my bag better than the one my employer got. There are PRO's and CON's to each of them but the magnetic buttons are what made me find mine more appealing because that is a pet peeve of mine lol. Also I like the edging on my bag better but the color of hers seem more true to the authentic. I wish I was able to do a side by side comparison instead of from memory because it is never the same and I can't remember the small details.

I have always told people that just because someone got a great bag from one seller does not mean all their bags are great. It depends on where the seller buys from and you have to understand that Quality Control is almost non existent in the replica world.

The manufacturers do not have quality standards like we do here in the US or certain other countries and they DO NOT waste anything so every bag will be sold regardless of whether it is good or bad. It will be up to the seller who buys them to check them before shipping. And if they are a volume seller with lots of orders it will be difficult for them to check every bag thoroughly which means there will duds that get sent out now and then.

I keep hearing people say one seller sells the best LV or the best Chanel and I just can't agree that it is the seller that sells the good or bad products. As I have said many times, most sellers do not make the bags themselves. They buy them from the rep factories and from my limited knowledge there are only a few (less than 10) is what I heard somewhere but I can't be sure if that is true so many of the sellers buy from the same factories.

Those who sell less volume or have limited inventory have the ability to check their products more thoroughly before shipping and that is why their products are better. But even so they do not always take the time to do a quality check. Many times they don't. Only a few good sellers bother to do this.

So those are my thoughts and beliefs. I realize some will disagree but that's ok. Differences in opinions is a good thing as long as it does not result in a conflict :).

Have a great evening or morning (depending on where you are)!



  1. Sarah,
    what is your rating for this new saffiano tote then since yours was a 9.5/10. Realistically both have pros and cons and I can't tell which one is more similar compares to the authentic saffiano tote. Btw, your review is super great! Very detailed and informative. Really appreciate you for the time that you took to write these reviews on your blog. FANTASTIC work <3

    1. Honestly, I think mine is better so I would probably rate hers a 9 even but since I'm unable to compare both bags side by side with the authentic I can't tell which is closer. I cannot recall the small details :(.

  2. Sarah,
    Finally I found a threat where this woman reviewed about her AUTHENCTIC saffiano tote in sabbia. This may help us to figure out exactly what color Fabaaa pink saffiano color is compares to an authentic. Here is the link
    I think she got the same bag size as yours + your boss' bag too!

    1. Hi Marilyn, thank you for posting that link! I only looked thru the pics briefly but I am happy to see that the edging on "MY" bag is true to the authentic. The one my employer got is off. When I have time I'll find some authentic pics of the Cameo and post a comparison. I still think color wise my employer's bag was closer. But without being able to compare the authentic with both bags I can't tell which is closer in other details like the handle length and the size. They are very close to the same size but hers was very slightly bigger than mine. I am still IN LOVE with my bag though I've only used it once so far :).

  3. Hi Sarah. I really enjoy your blog. I'm really interested in saffiano however want the closest thing to authentic. I have only had authentic, so am pretty picky. I was told by joy that she no longer has good supplier for saffiano but that cameo is from a good supplier still.

  4. Hi Aysha, I'm happy you enjoy the blog :). In regards to the Saffiano, Joy says the factory where she got mine is out of stock. I'm not sure if that is still the case but the one reviewed in this post is not as nice as mine IMO. Another reader sent me a link to see the authentic one in Sabia on the PurseForum. I've seen the real deal in person but it's hard to remember small details after the fact. However, the pictures I saw on TPF definitely looks more like mine in shape, size and I am very happy to see that the edging is correct. The one reviewed here is unfortunately off. It looks rather rubbery but each one has Pros and Cons so it all depends on how picky you are.

    If you can live with minor flaws such as what you've seen on my bag reviews than go for it! If you are one of those who count stitches, measure distance between monograms or the size of each one and expect everything to always be aligned, straight and even than you might want to stick with Authentic because most reps will have some flaws. It is rare to find a rep that has everything correct.

  5. Thank you Sarah for your prompt response...I'd rather not spend the money on the authentic as I have already purchased 2 LV this year...dont want to declare bankruptcy lol...I really want to buy a prada as I do not own, would u recceomd any other prada??? Picky about "R" bring correct...or burberry with joy??? Trying to avoid LV as I already own 3 authentic ones...thx so much....;)

  6. Marilyn, thx for the does look pretty close to Sarah's employer bag as well....other than the edging....I'm thinking of ordering from joy but am looking for some assurance :)....considering the price Sarah...not sure if i will be counting each stitching and measuring....need help/advise ladies....thx ;)

  7. Sarah, is the saffiano leather exact same in both replicas?

    1. No they are slightly different in texture but it's not a big difference. I think mine is definitely nicer but there are Pro's and Con's to each so I guess it comes down to which detail is more important to each buyer.

  8. I don't understand what is the issue with the edging. I'm not good at examining and scrutinize for small details... I can't see much difference between Sarah's bag and her boss bag except for the color, can u guys tell me what's wrong with Sarah's employer bag edges? Thanks

    1. Hi Marilyn, I guess I didn't make that very clear. If you look at the 6th picture of the side by side, the one showing the top view with the zippers you'll notice that the color, thickness and texture of the opening is different. Mine is more consistent and is similar color to the bag whereas my employer's bag is inconsistent in thickness and looks like rubber instead of leather. I've looked at some other pictures of authentic bags and mine appears more true to the authentic in this area.

  9. Marilyn, Sarah bag edges are smooth and employers see not...howler "R" is better on her employer bag...I think I'm going to order it

    1. Thanks Alysha! I hope you do buy it. I think the flaws are very minor and it's a great bag overall. Looks way better in person :). In regards to the "R" I've been getting mixed messages. Some are saying that not all Prada logos have that gap and that this particular bag doesn't. I haven't made time to look into this yet but either way it's so small no one would see it anyway.

  10. This website does not allow credit cards correct? Are you guys worried you won't get your bag?

    1. Connie, I've been buying from Joy for 2 years now and have never been scammed. I've bought several times now with W/U and trust Joy completely. It would be foolish for her to risk scamming a few people and losing all her loyal customers. She would not risk that.